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   Chapter 967 The Starry Tower Appeared

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Could Yahya have other powerful abilities?

Darren knew he had nothing to fear because he had two ancient tribulation holy warriors.

"Manfred, Justin, heed my orders!" Darren commanded.

"Of course, Master." The two cupped their hands in servitude, awaiting their orders.

"Kill him, quickly."


A powerful aura erupted from both their bodies, causing a rumble in the space around them.

The shaking caused the stones around the canyon to roll and dust to hang over the sky. Thousands of birds began flying in the air in fear.

Yahya gritted his teeth in frustration. "Master, please help me! I'm about to be killed!" he cried out.

"Master?" Darren was stunned. He began to look around as he pondered. The Tiger Cat had told him that the holy emperor had three masters and they were three gods from outer space!

Darren thought to himself, 'If his masters really come, I'm doomed. These two revived holy warriors with me are worthless in comparison.'

A buzzing noise suddenly sped through.

Ripples began to form in the air until a man's phantom emerged, moments later. He was wearing armor and held a piercing gaze right at Darren.

"How dare you threaten my disciple?" the phantom bellowed. His cold voice echoed throughout the space.

The voice came down like thunder, shaking the two ancient senior holy warriors. A cold sweat came down their bodies in fear.

"He wanted to kill me. Why can't I kill him?" Darren asked.

"Don't try to argue with me, boy. I'll give you one chance to get out of my sight. Otherwise, I'll kill you!" the phantom shouted.

"Master, please don't let him go," Yahya begged anxiously.

"Silence," the phantom snapped. Yahya immediately recoiled in fear. He knew better than to speak another word.

Darren hesitated for a moment. Something didn't feel right.

"Master, I don't think that phantom is as powerful as it looks. How about I size him up?" Manfred told Darren through spiritual sense.

Darren heard this and got the same idea. If this person was really that powerful, why would he let them off the hook so easily? It was definitely a bluff!

"Go ahead and try," Darren replied curtly.

With that, Manfred lunged at them with an unstopp

deaths also meant that he and Hailey would also be doomed.

'What should I do?' he asked himself, filled with self-doubt.

Darren suddenly recalled what the Tiger Cat had said.

When the Tiger Cat introduced his master to Darren, he mentioned that his master's three masters were gods. The Tiger Cat also mentioned that those three gods were servants of Lord Starry Sword.

According to the Tiger Cat's description, the Lord Starry Sword had black and white sword eyes!

From recalling this memory, Darren remembered his own master—the previous owner of the Starry Tower!

If Darren's guess was right, this meant his master was the master of those three gods. If he revealed his identity, would the phantom in front of him dare cross him? Darren had an idea.

At this moment, the golden power only missed Justin by a hairline.

Knowing this was his last shot, Darren shouted, "Starry Tower, come out!"

Darren now was the owner of the Starry Tower!

A great rumble echoed into the space.

Suddenly, the golden tower appeared in all its splendor.

"Hey man, as you can see, my master is the Lord Starry Sword. How dare you try and kill me?" Darren boasted.

The phantom's eyes clouded over with fear when he saw the Starry Tower descending from the sky. He tried to keep his strong front, but his cold and ruthless expression began to falter at the sight.

"The aura of the master! It's impossible, impossible!" the phantom murmured. He could not believe his eyes.

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