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   Chapter 964 Rivals Meet

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The ancient humans were stunned when they saw Darren flee. They had expected him to fight and save them. Instead, their only savior had chosen to run away!

"My Lord, please don't run away. Help us!" Someone chased Darren, caught his leg, and begged.

"Ahem, I can't save you. Ask everyone to escape quickly!"

Darren kicked him away and continued to run. Right from the time he first saw a ferocious ape, Darren had known that he didn't have the skill to fight such ancient creatures. Now that a ferocious ape had come to the periphery of this tribe, it made no sense to risk his life trying to kill it. Even though the ape was not big, its fierce aura had the power of the Holy Realm! What strength did Darren have in comparison? He would be courting death if he decided to confront the ape!

Besides, a young man sat on the ape's shoulder, and he did not appear to be an ordinary man.

Darren would not risk his life.

When Darren returned to the thatched hut, he told Hailey what he saw, and urged her to leave as well.


Just as Darren and Hailey were about to escape, a violent force broke the hut. The force was so intense that it threw Darren and Hailey outside as well.

The patriarch pointed at Darren and Hailey and shouted, "Yahya, that's our lord. He will protect us. If you want to kill us, you'll have to face him first!"

Darren's face turned pale. 'The ancient human is not silly at all. He is cunning enough to find a way to force me to fight their enemy, ' he surmised.

The young man on the ape's shoulder glared at Darren ferociously and then moved his gaze to Hailey. From then on, his eyes seemed to be glued on Hailey.

"Young man, I'm not their lord. They kidnapped me. Could you let us go?" Darren explained how he and Hailey came to be at the village.

The young man was stunned for a second. Then he tore his gaze from Hailey and smiled at Darren. The spite and deviousness in the young man's smile made Darren shudder.

"None of that matters. Since you're with them, I'll kill you too!" the young man declared as he released an insanely powerful killing intent.

The patriarch summoned his courage and roared, "Yahya, don't forget that you are a part of the village. Do you really have the heart to kill us?"

times to seek revenge, but he failed as he lacked strength. In the last few days, his strength had grown immensely for some inexplicable reason. He had also subdued an ape! Now that he had everything he needed to be successful, Yahya came to avenge his parents!

Darren and Hailey, who were standing at a distance, found it impossible to save the people in the village. Besides, they were not involved in this personal vendetta. As this was a grudge between the young man and the village, they didn't want to interfere.

More importantly, both Darren and Hailey were not strong enough to protect themselves. Why would they get involved in this?

The slaughter ended as quickly as it had started. Except for the patriarch, everyone else in the village was dead.

At this moment, he was so scared that he trembled. He fell to his knees and crawled on the ground, unable to speak a word.

"I left you for last because I wanted to kill you in front of my parents' grave." Yahya walked toward the patriarch, gave him a heavy kick, and then glanced at Darren and Hailey.

"It's your turn," he said as he pointed at Darren.

"Bro, we have nothing to do with these guys. They kidnapped us and brought us here as their prey," Darren explained again.

Yahya ignored Darren and stared at Hailey. He grinned and said, "It doesn't matter. It's a crime for you to have such a beautiful girl."

"Rivals meet. The ultimate test begins!"

These words simultaneously popped into Darren's and Hailey's minds.

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