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   Chapter 961 Assimilating The Godly Dragon Force

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Traces of the godly dragon's aura swam on the flood dragon's body. The desire to assimilate it filled Darren. It would be a bountiful harvest, indeed.


His assimilating power quickly covered the tiny golden lightning bolts.

But the process wasn't easy.

The golden lightning bolts struggled under his assimilating power. This was the first time he had experienced such a thing.

In the past, his skill would either devour the thing it wished to assimilate or it wouldn't. Nothing had ever resisted against it.

Every time his assimilating power had the golden lightning wrapped up, it would fight maniacally to slip through his grasp. In a matter of seconds, it would eventually escape.

"This is amazing. It's so powerful!"

This was a pleasant surprise for him. It was highly possible that this golden Godly Dragon Force was at the same high level as the strange stone inside his head.

This thought made him even more determined to obtain the Godly Dragon Force produced by the godly dragon's aura.

"Assimilate it! Assimilate it!"

Darren activated the strange stone inside his head. His assimilating power surged wildly as a result. Its effort to capture the godly dragon's aura doubled.

With the skill's increased strength, the struggles of the Godly Dragon Force gradually waned. It gave up eventually and let itself be absorbed by Darren's assimilating skill.

A faint golden light streamed into Darren's meridians.

It swam through his many channels until it reached his elixir field.

Unexpected pain crashed inside him as the golden light left a trail of destruction along its wake.

The pain was getting more intense. "It's too powerful." He gasped and panted through it.

He choked back the pain as it entered his elixir field and tried to get it close to the black pyramid through sheer spiritual sense.

This caused the black pyramid to spin rapidly, trying to condense the godly dragon aura into it.

But the Godly Dragon Force went berserk again, creating cracks along the black pyramid. It went on until it couldn't bear the force anymore. This resulted to an explosion.

"Ah!" Darren couldn't hold back the cries of pain. His face had gone deathly pale as the damaged black pyramid tortured him from within.


As he roared, a tidal wave of spiritual sense poured into his elixir field to keep the Godly Dragon Fo


"Wait a minute. Does the spring contain the power of time?" Darren murmured.

"Something strange is happening to me, too. I seem to be watching the evolution of the mountains, the rivers and the life and death of every living creatures," Hailey whispered back. This was exactly the same feeling Darren was experiencing. It was as if he was looking through the passage of time.

"Oh, my God!"

Their headaches intensified, and they suddenly found themselves unable to breathe.

Then, there was a thunderous explosion.

Both of them could feel the rule forces of the ancient times flooding inside their body like an unstoppable tsunami. They could feel something inside them change.

"Congratulations for starting my test! From now on, you will be my sworn enemies. This can only result in either your death or mine. And..."

A rumbling voice echoed inside their heads. However, the two were still too overwhelmed by the power of the ancient rules. They soon passed out before they could properly react to the unknown voice.

Meanwhile, outside the holy emperor's tomb...

An elegant, ethereal figure floated above the tomb until it eventually landed in front of it.

With his silver eyes, he glared coldly at the complicated rule silk threads.

"It seems that my real body is indeed in this place, but the rules are too complicated to break,"

he said. He turned out to be the Rule Soul Avatar.

Probing the rule forces around the holy emperor's tomb, he couldn't help but frown. It was indeed too difficult for him to open and would need more time to get through it.

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