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   Chapter 957 A Destructive Power

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The four greatest holy warriors were still hesitant.

"Sir, hurry up!" The Governors were getting impatient.

"Well, then let's go." After convening in hushed tones, the group decided to make their way over to the fiend.

"Okay, we're all set. Let's go!"

The crowd followed the four greatest holy warriors and together they soared over to the location.

In a moment, they reached the battlefield. What they witnessed made them withhold their attack.

"Does Darren have the upper hand?"

When the Governors saw the scene, they were speechless in their astonishment.

A bloody figure flashed quickly among a great fiendish aura and runes. In the space around the figure, there were palm shadows attacking it every second.

"Bravo! What a feat!"

"Goodness! Is he stronger than a half-step emperor now? In this way, his power is now comparable to the Heavenly Exterminating Array!" the Governors exclaimed.

On the other hand, the four greatest holy warriors stood aside with a grave expression. They seemed far from excited about what they were witnessing.

"You all have terribly underestimated that fiend." Eden frowned in disappointment. The power that the fiend displayed was much weaker than when they attacked him the other day.

"Sir, do you mean to say that isn't the fiend's full power yet?" someone asked.

"Not only that, but he's only using less than half of his real strength."

"No way!" said one of the Governors. "His current strength can already defeat a six-tribulation senior holy warrior!"

"You're correct, but think about it. Four of us have already passed the sixth tribulation," said Francis.

It dawned on everyone that all the four greatest holy warriors were all six-tribulation senior holy warriors. Their strength were at the peak of the half-step emperor level.

In order to defeat the fiend, the four of them knew they had to use some kind of special means. If they didn't, defeat was certain. The fiend's full power was visibly immense.

The fiend let out a terrible roar.

His aura blotted out the sky. Suddenly, the Governors began to cough up blood.

The Rule Soul Avatar, while hiding out in the void, was giving consistent hits on the fiend. Each of his palms was strong enough to shatter a piece of the void.

The fiend released another roar.

His sheer rage was growing evident in his howls. He bega

possible. The collision force was simply destructive.

"Well done, Darren. You have mastered so many peerless skills. You can become an immortal if you keep this up!" exclaimed the four greatest holy warriors as they flew away.

Another rumble suddenly rang through the space.

With tremendous force, the earth suddenly caved in. A huge pit, hundreds of thousands of kilometers deep, appeared. Its cracks spread over fifty kilometers wide. The whole earth was shattered into pieces.

The void completely collapsed. Even the black cracks within the void were harshly damaged.

The collision seemed to have been so strong that it destroyed the world they were in.

The fiend, reaching the end of his line, let out another howl.

It could not kill the human even with the Killing Rules, further motivating him to retreat.

A cloud of black fog and dust hung over the entire sky. The fiend's aura had completely disappeared.

The Rule Soul Avatar had used his rule power to resist the Killing Rules. Unfortunately, he could not manage to search for the remaining traces of the fiend.

"It's a draw, then."

The Rule Soul Avatar's lips curled, as if he were smiling.

In his mind, he began to analyze the pros and cons of the battle. He began to ponder millions of possibilities and strategies so he might maximize any future benefits from this battle.

"The Killing Rule," he muttered, deep in thought.

The Killing Rule that he encountered this time was his greatest harvest.

"The right choice is to keep him alive," said the Rule Soul Avatar to himself.

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