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   Chapter 956 Fight The Fiend

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Little did everyone know that this Darren was in fact the Rule Soul Avatar. Everyone was shocked into silence when they sensed the powerful and cold aura of the young man. As soon as they returned to their senses, with hate-filled eyes, they glared at the fiend's avatar that the Rule Soul Avatar carried.

Relief coursed through the four greatest holy warriors at this point.

"Governors, can you explain this?"

All the Governors bowed their heads as they were filled with shame. Too embarrassed to speak, they stared at the ground speechlessly. By now, if they still did not understand that the so-called Barnes was a part of the fiend, then they would be idiots.

"Sir, we made a mistake."

Seventeen of the eighteen Governors fell to their knees and admitted to being at fault.

The four greatest holy warriors were glad. After all, they had been caught in a terrible dilemma. They needed to kill the fiend, but with the eighteen Governors protecting him, they couldn't. Even if they wanted to kill the Governors, they couldn't as it would leave the human race without leaders. Now, this Darren had almost killed the fiend, and the Governors had realized their error. As thrilled as they were, the four greatest holy warriors needed to take remedial steps. After all, a serious issue had been exposed, and they had to deal with it as soon as possible.

"Ronald." Francis' stern voice shattered the silence. "You'd better kill yourself."

Ronald's eyes flew wide open. Of the eighteen Governors, he was the one who firmly opposed the four greatest holy warriors, and he led the attack on the four warriors. When he saw that Barnes was a part of the fiend, he thought he was doomed. However, hearing it from Francis turned his apprehension into reality.

Francis meant to kill him. The thought was enough to terrify Ronald!

"Sir, I admit that the fiend blinded me to the extent that I made a huge mistake. However, you have gone too far to sentence me to death! First, you don't have the right to kill me. Second, I believed that I was suppressing the fiend and safeguarding the future of the human race. The lapse in my judgment was because of the fiend's bizarre skills. I don't think this mistake should cost my life, right?"

Ronald said, pretending to be calm.

The four greatest holy warriors glared at him but didn'

Boom! Boom!


After a few seconds, a thunderous roar came from thirty thousand kilometers away.

"It's the fiend! His real body is here!"

The expressions of the four greatest holy warriors changed when they sensed the fiend's aura.

"It's the fiend! Darren found the fiend!" The Governors were overjoyed.

"Sir, let's annihilate the fiend!"

"This is our chance. With the four greatest holy warriors and Darren by our side, we will surely suppress the fiend!"

The four greatest holy warriors were extremely powerful. Plus, they could use the Heavenly Exterminating Array, which had infinite power that could almost kill holy emperors! And the mysterious young man Darren's strength was immeasurable. Besides, the Governors all had the power of half-step emperors. Wasn't it enough to deal with the fiend?

If they couldn't defeat the fiend this time, they would never succeed in the future.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

"Sir, what are you waiting for? Let's go!"

When the Governors saw that the four greatest holy warriors had no intention of taking action, they were a little anxious. Why were they avoiding the fiend?

"Sir! It's now or never. Come on!"

"Yes, if we go too late, I'm afraid the fiend might kill Darren. It would be a serious crime if we let such a great talent die!"

urged the Governors.

Meanwhile, both the fiendish aura and the rune power surged. These two extremely powerful forces tore the void and created countless terrifying cracks.

The land around them seemed to collapse.

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