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   Chapter 955 A Powerful And Mysterious Young Man

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The four greatest holy warriors' hearts ached as if they were being stabbed with knives.

"You idiots! We don't care anymore! It's up to you whether you live or die!" Francis roared.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Before the others could react, the four greatest holy warriors flew into the void.

"Humph, something must be wrong with these four people. They fled in fear when they heard that we would work together and use the Betrayal Suppressing Token."

"It seems that the four greatest holy warriors are acting suspiciously."


The fake Barnes returned as soon as the four greatest holy warriors left.

"Well, I disappeared when I sensed that the four guys were coming to catch me. Since I didn't want to influence our plan, I figured it was best for me to hide. Please don't be angry with me."

The powerful cultivators present were pacified when they heard the fake Barnes' explanation. It seemed genuine as he had returned immediately after the four greatest holy warriors had left. What was more, if he were lying, they would be suspicious of him. After all, the Governors were not idiots.

"Ha-ha! Since we forced the four brats to retreat, I don't believe they will dare to make trouble. If they irritate us again, we can't guarantee that they can leave alive!" Ronald stated condescendingly with a wave of his hand.

The fake Barnes was shocked at the comment and wondered whether these idiots had any way to deal with the four greatest holy warriors.

If such were the case, he would take credit for the great contributions again! At this moment, his master feared the four men. If he could incite these idiots to fight the four men, he would earn the master's gratitude.

The fake Barnes was now thinking about how to provoke these stupid people to deal with the four holy warriors. He could always lead them to the master later.

"Go to hell!"

At this time, lightning flashed in the sky, and four colossal phantoms appeared in the void. They emitted such intense power that the void began to collapse.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thousands of powerful attacks rushed toward the fake Barnes, one after another.

"Sizz! Why are you still here? Haven't you left?"

The fake Barnes bared his teeth in anger. Only at this moment did he realize that the four powerful humans had only pretended to leave. They had been baiting him!


He raised his stick and swung it t

and investigate. The handsome young man must be fighting somebody!"

The four greatest holy warriors led the way, and the eighteen Governors followed.

When they reached the spot, they saw that the violent runes had dispersed the black smoke. Deep in the light, they saw something evil and cruel struggle.


An elegant white hand descended from the sky and subdued the monster. Half of its body collapsed at once, and it was on the verge of death.

A moment later, a handsome, godlike, ethereal figure stepped forward. The dying monster lay in its arms.

"It's only the fiend's avatar that mutated from Barnes' blood essence, but it made you want to kill each other. How can you be so stupid?"

the young man asked calmly. They had witnessed his power a few short moments ago, and it had astounded them. Now, up close, it seemed as though every movement of his body carried with it the power of heaven and earth.

"What?" The eighteen Governors glanced at each other, but no one dared to ask him who he was.

Only the four greatest holy warriors greeted him with cupped hands. Francis asked, "Young man, who are you?"

"My name is Darren Chu," the young man replied expressionlessly.

"What?" The Governor of the Holy City was stunned. When he recalled the portrait of the newcomer from the Sacred Palace, he realized that it was this young man. His name was Darren Chu.

"Darren Chu?" The four greatest holy warriors were confused as well. They had heard about Darren, a rising talent, from the Sacred Palace, but neither of them thought that he had reached such a high level.

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