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   Chapter 951 The Black Sea

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Her silent, sorrowful expression reminded Darren of Denise.

"You have stories to tell," Darren said calmly.

"No. I don't have any stories. Can you save me once? Please," the Water Spirit implored.

"Yes." Darren nodded without hesitation when he saw her earnest expression.

"Great! You agreed!" The Water Spirit leaped in the air. She was so beautiful and graceful that she reminded Darren of a blue spirit on the ice land.

"A promise is a promise." The Water Spirit winked at Darren, then turned into a blue mist and flew away.

"Help. Who can help me?"

A moment later, Darren heard the Water Spirit's call.

Darren was speechless. He had expected to hear some fear in her tone. Instead, she seemed thrilled.

As Darren had promised to play this game with her, he would save her, just as she had asked.


When Darren flew in the direction where the Water Spirit's voice had come from, he saw her lying on the Absolute Cold Pool.

"What happened to you?" Darren asked as he feigned concern.

"Help me. I have been trapped here for many years. Can you help me, please?" the Water Spirit pleaded.

"Yes," Darren answered listlessly. This game was more boring than he had imagined.

"Hey. Can you be a little more serious?" The Water Spirit frowned and pouted as she admonished Darren.

"Okay." Darren nodded. Then, after a brief pause, he added, "Don't be afraid, miss. I'll help you."

Suddenly, Darren laughed over the silliness of the game. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't take the game seriously. After all, she was the powerful Water Spirit, and she was not in danger!

When he saw her expression, however, he swallowed his laughter and took a few steps backward. Simultaneously, he began to probe his surroundings with his spiritual sense. He wondered if he was too naive to see beyond the superficial ridiculousness of the game. Perhaps there were other tricks that he had to discover.

Darren was dumbfounded when he found that the game was, indeed, as silly as it appeared. Nevertheless, he scooped the Water Spirit in his arms and carried her out of the Absolute Cold Pool.

Darren was speechless as he stared at the Water Spirit in his arms.

He really didn't know what to say as this was such a childish game.

"Hee-hee. Thank you for saving me, kindhearted man." The Water Spirit

hat a few dormant creatures were on the coast. They appeared to be tens of thousands of feet tall and very strong.

'What kind of creature is that? They look like apes.' Darren was confused.


When one of the apes roared, Darren's face paled.

His ears, nose, and eyes began to bleed from the shock he had sustained. Even his internal organs started to feel very hot as if they were burning.

The roar almost killed Darren! It was terrifying.

Darren endured the pain as he turned and swam to the bottom of the sea. Had he not gone so far below the water's surface, the next roar would have killed him!


Although Darren had crossed tens of thousands of feet, the second roar shocked him. He became dizzy and felt as though his internal organs were about to fail.

'This is so horrible.'

Darren was extremely frightened. He swallowed a drop of the holy emperor's power to enhance his ability to defend against the roar's power.

It only took a few brief seconds for Darren to feel better, but he didn't dare to stay there and continued to dive deeper.

After he reached a depth of about a hundred thousand kilometers, he heard the next roar. This time, the sound did not hurt him.

Desperate but relieved, Darren hid at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by its dark water. He couldn't figure out what this last test was and how these extremely powerful creatures came here.

'Those creatures appear to be stronger than holy emperors. What's going on?'

Darren hoped that the guardian would be able to answer his questions.

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