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   Chapter 950 Please Help Me

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A flood of enormous true ice intent was hurled at Darren.

Darren swallowed a drop of the holy emperor's power. He could feel a surge of strength run through him, but the true ice intent was starting to freeze his power.

The Water Spirit's true ice intent was so effective that it could even freeze a half-step emperor.

Darren howled in desperation.

In an instant, he transformed himself into a dragon and used his Shura Force to retreat.

He was fortunate that the true ice intent had only grazed him. This gave him ample time to climb to the peak of the half-step emperor level before it could have frozen him entirely.

Sensing Darren's horrifying aura, the Water Spirit shrieked in fear.

She then turned into a blue shadow, camouflaging herself in the icy plain.

With that, she was able to escape.

Darren spread out his spiritual sense to search for traces of the Water Spirit. This was his only chance to defeat her because the next time they met, the Water Spirit would surely take extra precautions, making her harder to kill.

He knew he had limited time left before his cultivation level would go back to normal. He couldn't waste any more time.

He flew through the air as fast he could.

The ice plain was rushing below him like a blur, and with all his strength, he began smashing through it.

He didn't stop until the entire plain was destroyed. And yet, there were still no signs of the Water Spirit. The only note-worthy thing he discovered was a black ice that wouldn't break even when he used his strength on it.

He decided to come closer without hesitation.

"I don't have any plans on killing you, so you can come out now. Just let me pass and I'll leave you alone," Darren called out.

Beneath the black ice's surface, a soft blue light glowed. Then she spoke. "This is the Absolutely Cold Pool. You can't break it even if your power has increased. No one can get me from here. And, if I'm not sensing it wrong, your strength won't last long, right?"

After recovering from her initial panic, the Water Spirit was able to think clearly now.

Upon hearing this, Darren knew that his secret was finally revealed. If he couldn't get to her now, then he would get into deep trouble.

He began banging against the black ice with all his might.

rule of the test at all. I just wasn't expecting a woman to suddenly appear asking for help.

If I saved her without asking any questions, wouldn't that make me a fool? Would you save her if you were in my place?

If I had encountered her outside, I would have helped her without hesitation even if that means risking my life. The circumstances here, however, are vastly different from outside. So don't judge me just because your childish tricks didn't work on me!"

The Water Spirit was left in a daze by Darren's words.

"How dare you say my method is childish?"

"If not childish, then what should I call it?"

"Well, it still does not make it childish. Humph!" But her annoyance had seemed to dwindle down a bit after his explanation. She didn't want to admit it, but she understood what he meant. Nonetheless, she pretended to be nonchalant as she turned to him. "I don't care about what you said. To pass this test, you must save me once."

Darren rolled his eyes.

"Will you save me or not?" she asked.

"Is there a need for me to save you still? I've already told you my side of the story and have already spared your life. Just let me pass," Darren said.

Once again, the Water Spirit's tears returned. "No, please, save me once. Even if it'll be a fake scenario, it'll still make me happy. Please help me."

The Water Spirit's pleas had touched something deep inside Darren's heart. It made him feel strange and inexplicably sad. For some reason, the Water Spirit looked like a whole different person.

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