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   Chapter 949 The Water Spirit's Wrath

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Darren started his cultivation again as he knew that he couldn't participate in the test.

Slowly, three years passed.

During this time, Darren focused on upgrading the blue ice crystal and comprehending the true ice intent.

But, he wasn't the only one who felt bored in this desolate world of snow and ice.

From time to time, the Water Spirit would observe Darren and gauge his comprehension of the true ice intent. As she now had something to do, she wasn't quite as bored as before.

"It only took him three years to form a high-grade ice crystal."

One day, the Water Spirit checked Darren's progress again, but to her surprise, his crystal was already close to the highest level. If he went further, he would become the True Ice Spiritual Body.

After he succeeded, no ice element attack would cause him any damage.

His progress came as a great surprise to the Water Spirit.


Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred. The snow and ice around Darren scattered in the air, and a blue light lit up the whole world. The light was so dazzling that even the Water Spirit couldn't keep her eyes open.

"Wow! He has become a True Ice Spiritual Body! He is so powerful!" the Water Spirit exclaimed. When she was observing him earlier, her calculations showed her that it would take another three years for this human to become a True Ice Spiritual Body. Unexpectedly, he reached a breakthrough before she could process her theory.

"Hum, but he is too unsympathetic. It doesn't matter that he is powerful. I can't let him pass." The Water Spirit was reminded of the time when Darren first came here. He had completely ignored her! The memory upset the Water Spirit.

When Darren woke from his cultivation, he noticed that all the cold had disappeared.

"Ha-ha, I've become a True Fire and Water Spiritual Body. Now I should be eligible to inherit the Fire and Water Emperor Character." Darren was overjoyed.

A second later, he frowned. He remembered that he had no idea how to leave this place.

"Since the Water Spirit hasn't come to see me, I will take the initiative to bring her here." Darren decided.

The small fire had warned Darren not to use any fire energy, or the Water Spirit would harm him. Now, it seemed like the perfect time to use fire to draw the Water Spirit out.

Moreover, Darren had become a True

ed the godly fires from deep within his body. He had been so desperate that he released everything. In the blink of an eye, his flame crystal was empty.

After erupting from his body, the three godly fires were quickly frozen by the true ice intent. However, this response consumed the power of the true ice intent.

Darren threw out all three kinds of godly fires to weaken the ice intent. This action also helped him recover his lost strength.

Exhilaration coursed through Darren when he realized that his plan was succeeding. His spiritual sense ran wild, and he immediately swallowed a drop of the holy emperor's power attached to the strange stone.

"Fortunately, this place is different from the flame zone. Had I been transformed into a mortal like the last time, I wouldn't have a chance to swallow the holy emperor's power."

Previously, Darren had been faced with the threat of death in the flame zone. As his spiritual sense could not communicate with the strange stone in his head, he was unable to swallow the holy emperor's power.

But, in this world of ice and snow, Darren's power did not decrease. The Water Spirit had just frozen him. As the seal was weakened, he could activate more spiritual sense to connect with the strange stone, and thus, was able to swallow the liquid of the holy emperor's power.

"Argh!" When the Water Spirit felt that something was wrong, she screeched and released another wave of potent true ice intent.

This was a critical moment for Darren. If he were frozen before his power increased, he would die!

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