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   Chapter 948 You Failed

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The whole place was covered with snow.

Darren could only feel the cold as it seeped into his skin.

It bit into his flesh and wrapped his bones, freezing him from the inside out. Darren wanted to activate the godly fire to expel the cold in his body, but he suppressed the idea when he thought of the last words of the Fire Spirit. He must avoid using the fire.


Darren exhaled and his breath turned into ice crystals which fell on the ground.

"It's too cold!"

Darren looked around, but he could not see anything except ice and snow.

'What kind of test is this? Is this to test how well I can handle the cold?' Darren thought.

"Help! Help!''

A voice drew Darren out of his thoughts. It was a young girl.

"What?" Darren did not move. There was nothing but ice and snow. How could anyone else possibly survive in a place like this? Darren immediately thought of the Water Spirit.

"Who can help me…


Darren heard the girl's cries again but did not move. Instead, he sat down cross-legged and began his cultivation.

It wasn't because he was callous. Darren had good reasons for not setting out to find the girl.

He did not fully know what he was supposed to do, so he thought that waiting was the most prudent course of action. He believed that the Water Spirit would come to him of her own volition. If he dared to seek her out himself, it could be dangerous for him.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The cold wind blew fiercely, scattering snowflakes around the space. The scene was breathtakingly beautiful.

Darren allowed the snowflakes to fall on his body. A moment later, he was completely covered in snow and the cold began to penetrate his heart.

'The small fire won't allow me to use the godly fire against the cold. Well, then... I'll just have to use the blue ice crystal to lower my body temperature.'

This was similar to what he did during the previous test. If he matched his

d not just some sort of trick?

'It may not be so bad to stay here, ' Darren comforted himself. It was definitely better than getting killed or expelled.

Darren was in no mood to continue his cultivation. After all, he could now resist the cold.


Darren flew up into the air and began to explore his surroundings. He was in awe at the beauty of the snowy mountains.

For several days and nights, he flew. However, he soon grew tired of seeing the same scenery over and over again.

'This is getting too boring, '

Darren said. It no longer looked as attractive a place as it had in the beginning.

'How can I get out of here?' Darren wondered.

He did not wish to go out of the tomb yet, but to head on to the next test. Once he passed that, the Fire and Water Emperor Character would finally be his.

"Water Spirit, show yourself! Let me take the test again!" Darren shouted towards the sky. He waited for a few seconds but there was no reply.

"Come out!" Darren shouted again, to no avail.

"Damn it! What am I supposed to do?" Darren thought aloud. He could not leave here without passing the test.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

For once, Darren felt powerless. He sat down on the snow, defeated. Loneliness crept into his heart as the wind blew on his skin.

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