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   Chapter 947 Darren's Reason For Passing

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The conditions were enough to satisfy Darren, but he couldn't help but be skeptical towards this small fire. He was having trouble believing him so easily.

"Very well then, little guy. Teach me how to control the godly fires first, and then I will tell you how I passed the test. What do you think?" Darren proposed.

"You're asking too much!" The small fire seemed angered by his demands.

"How can you say that? I don't even need the three godly fires, so it's purely up to you to decide," Darren said.

The small fire looked thoughtful for a moment, seemingly unable to retort anything back. "Fine. You win this time, humph!"

"I have 108 types of godly fires that you can choose from. Each one has their own unique abilities. But I can only give you three kinds," the small fire said.

"Can't I get all of them?" Darren asked, thoughtfully. "You can ask for whatever you want in return."

"Fuck off!" The small fire was indignant by Darren's presumptuous attitude. "Don't be too greedy for you can only control three kinds of fire. That's the limit that your True Fire Spiritual Body will allow you to have. As for Fire Spirits like me, we can control all kinds of fire.

Now, enough talking. Just relax your mind and I'll draw the three godly fires into your flame crystal."

Darren knew when to admit defeat in an argument. With that, he relaxed his mind completely and let the small fire do his work.

The next thing he knew, Darren could feel the fire spiritual energy raging inside him.

The whole world suddenly transformed into a sea of fire. The temperature rose until it exceeded the limits of nature. It was boiling hot, enough to melt everything around. The temperature had gone higher than when Darren experienced the test.

"This is horrible." Even though Darren's body could withstand high temperatures, this heat had reached such unbearable heights. It was so hot that even a half-step emperor could burn into ashes.

Then, red, blue and green lights began to dance around the small fire.

Shortly after, the three flames entered Darren's elixir field.

Surprisingly, Darren didn't find the process uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, their warmth reminded him of the feel


If Darren had divided the flame crystal into millions of smaller crystals, those fragments could absorb the fire spiritual energy and reach the top level.

Hence when Darren came back to life, he would have the True Fire Spiritual Body.

"I also think it was a fluke. And I'm sure I won't be successful the next time I use this method again," Darren admitted.

"Why is that?" The small fire seemed curious.

"It's very simple actually. At that time, I was in a mortal body so my life aura was weak. My Reincarnation Holy Will was just enough to protect my life aura. If I was in my junior holy warrior state, the Reincarnation Holy Will would be too weak to shield my life aura. This meant I wouldn't be able to put back together the flame crystal," Darren explained.

Finally, the small fire nodded his head and then sighed. "Alas, you got through this round. But that doesn't mean that you'll be passing the next test."

However, Darren didn't seem fazed by the small fire's warning. "What is the next test?"

"Why bother asking? This passage was created for the inheritance of a Fire and Water Emperor Character. Naturally, the next test would be related to water.

And since you've passed my test, let me give you a word of advice. Don't ever use any fire force or aura against the Water Spirit, or else you will die a miserable death. Now go. I have nothing more to say."

With that, a powerful force seemed to be sucking Darren into the blue door.

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