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   Chapter 946 He Survived

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In a matter of moments, the temperature of the whole world had raised to a point where it could refine the most powerful senior holy warrior. Darren closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, hoping that he could use his human body and flame crystal to get him out alive, but the temperature was too high and it was going to win.

On the inside, Darren's blood had been boiled dry. On the outside, his flesh had been eaten away and his hair was burnt to a crisp and falling out. He looked like a charcoal skeleton. A gasping breath broke through his cracked lips.

When the small fire saw that Darren was on the verge of death, all of the glee left him and he started to regret his choices.

'Is it cruel to kill him like this?' he wondered.

It was known fact that the only people who were able to enter this place had to be the most talented in the world. Perhaps Darren wasn't being arrogant, maybe the small fire was too quick to judge him. He increased the difficulty of Darren's test just because he had thought Darren hadn't shown any respect to him. Now, it seemed like it was not the right thing to do.

However regret was useless now. He wanted to lower the temperature, but it would take too long. Even if the small fire was the Fire Spirit of heaven and earth, he didn't have enough skill to snap his fingers and make it disappear.

"It's out of my hands. I hope you are lucky and if you can survive, I will give you a great gift," the small fire murmured.

Time was passing so slowly and Darren could feel every single twinge of pain that radiated through his mutilated body.

Feeling panicked, Darren activated the Assimilation Skill again and again, but his flame crystal was too overworked and not upgrading fast enough to defeat the flames outside.

Doubling over, Darren inhaled and exhaled sharply. He was clearly on the brink of death.

Moments later, Darren's body disintegrated and the ashes that were left blew away.

"What a shame, he died. Even the strongest senior holy warrior would have been unable to survive the current temperature. Besides, he was in a mortal body. He shouldn't have survived more than a minute." The small fire sighed.

The test had come to an end and the small fire fell quiet. He had waited for tens of millions of years for someone to enter the world and when it finally happened, the human had died from a slight error in thought by the small fire.

The small fire suddenly felt extremely lonely in the quiet space.

"All right. I don't care that you're dead. It's time for me to collect your flame crystal."

The small fire flew over and landed on the spot whe

high while the others were shining and others were colorful. More importantly, each one of them was more powerful than the Fire Kylin in the Raksa Sea.

'What would happen if I assimilate them?' Darren wondered.

As he looked down at the variety of fires, his heart skipped a beat.

Now that he had passed the test, recovered his strength, and his body had condensed into the True Fire Spiritual Body, it was safe for him to assimilate any kind of fire.

Without hesitation, Darren activated his Assimilation Skill to assimilate one fire. It was quickly under his grasp.

He continued to assimilate until he started to feel a pure fire spiritual energy absorbing through his skin and into the flame crystal.

"It's of no use?"

To his disappointment, it appeared that none of the fires' special powers were transferrable.

He had been hoping that he could turn the fire that he assimilated into attack skills but all he could do was turn them into spiritual energy to replenish the energy of the flame crystal.

"Brat, what are you doing? Are you trying to assimilate these powerful fires so that you can use them in your fight?" The small fire ran over when he saw what Darren was doing.

"It's none of your business," Darren said calmly.

"You're acting childish, still...would you make a deal with me? Tell me how you successfully condensed your True Fire Spiritual Body, and I'll give you a big gift. How about helping you control three kinds of godly fire from outer space? What do you think?" the small fire offered.

Darren tried not to look at the small fire too eagerly. If he could control three kinds of godly fire from outer space, he would have more powerful means of attack.

"Deal," Darren said without hesitation.

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