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   Chapter 945 The Burning Test

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Updated: 2020-05-18 00:15

As soon as Darren lifted his foot and placed it over the threshold of the door, he noticed how time had seemed to speed up. His heartbeat rose for a moment.

'It feels like my strength is pouring out of my body.'

However, Darren held his composure. After all, it was very likely that this was all part of the test.

It only took a few minutes before Darren's strength was completely drained from his body and he had transitioned into a mortal human being. He looked down at his hands and stretched his fingers outwards.

'What kind of test is this?' Darren thought.

There didn't seem to be anyone else there and the room was very dark and empty. He remained standing in place, trying to figure out what to do next. After waiting for a while, a small fire blazed to life a few feet away and then floated towards him.

As the flame stopped an

air and he looked down to see that areas of his skin had turned black.

"It smells so good," the small fire said.

But Darren was suffering. He understood that he had to try and increase the level of the flame crystal in his body further; however, the flame crystal was spinning so fast that it had begun to crack down the middle.

For the first time, panic ripped through him.

"It must be the small fire who is continuing to increase the temperature. The temperature outside has risen too high."

Feeling anger replace his anxiety, Darren released his assimilating power. The large amount of fire spiritual energy entered his elixir field, nearly causing his veins to explode.

Despite having advanced the flame crystal in such a short period of time, Darren still couldn't use it to save him. He sighed, knowing that death was coming.

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