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   Chapter 944 Impending Doom

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Darren had thought that the Water and Fire Cultivation was too common but now, he did not think so. It would not be bad to have the power of a half-step emperor if he was able to get the inheritance of the Fire and Water Emperor Character.

"See? I cultivate both the fire and water skills at the same time."

Darren stretched out his hands and triggered a fit of ice fog from the water crystal in his left hand. Meanwhile, light blue flames erupted on his right hand.

"Well... You are, indeed, cultivating both fire and water skills at the same time..." The Tiger Cat stared at him, a little surprised.

In the Tiger Cat's mind, Darren had practiced the Blade and Sword Cultivation, the Shura Cultivation and had obtained the dragon blood, which were already quite extraordinary. He became more confident in Darren's talents when he saw him master the Water and Fire Cultivation as well.

"Boy, your overall strength is much stronger than that woman's!" the Tiger Cat exclaimed, excited to have met someone as powerful as Darren.

Darren smiled faintly. "I'm flattered, really. Based on what you said, I should be able to get the Fire and Water Emperor Character now, right?"

"Of course. Although you have only learned a little bit about the Water and Fire Cultivation, my master's Emperor Character will not reject you. I do believe that you are the right candidate to get the Fire and Water Emperor Character," the Tiger Cat replied.

Darren nodded silently. Then, a question popped in his mind. 'Who could have been able to kill the Tiger Cat's master—a holy emperor who had cultivated three conflicting martial arts skills?'

"Who killed your master?" Darren asked curiously.

The Tiger Cat's face turned grim and furious and his lips curled into a sneer.

"It was a Shura cultivator, a powerful one," he said grimly after a pause.

Darren was terrified. He didn't expect the Shura race to be so powerful that they could even slay an emperor who cultivated three conflicting martial arts skills.

"I got the Shura Force by chance. Are you somehow upset with me because of this?" Darren asked.

"Nonsense! If I were, I would have killed you already!" The Tiger Cat rolled his eyes at him.

"Ah... That's good to hear, I suppose." Darren scratched his head.

"Now, you should set off to the inheritance area of fire and water test. After you pass these three tests there, you can get the Fire and Water Emperor Character. Whether you succeed or not depends on your talent."


werful five-tribulation warrior, possessing him. The warrior turned into thick, black smoke and seeped into the ground.

The four hands failed to catch their target and smashed into the ground, producing loud booming sounds.

Pieces of rock and soil flew about as the hands flailed around in search of their target.

"Damn it! He escaped again!"

"That bastard Barnes released two of the first fiend ancestor's body parts. Otherwise, we would have captured the fiend already!"

"If the eighteen cities are sealed completely, maybe our world will be able to survive another hundred years. Let's go back to the Sacred Palace first."

"But... That bastard has put back together two of the first fiend ancestor's body parts. It will only be a matter of time before the fiend recovers completely and when he does, there will be a massacre!"

"That's beyond our control. Sealing the eighteen cities is our best defense now. If we didn't do that, it would have been easy for the fiend to save the other six body parts in ten years. If that happened, no one could defeat the fiend anymore."

"Well, all right. Alas! The doom is coming! But this time, there will be no emperor to prevent the doom and rescue the world!"

After they spoke, the four figures conjured up barriers, enclosing the eighteen cities. They uttered incantations that would enhance its protection, making it impenetrable to anyone outside.

For the next hundred years, no one, including immortals, could go in or out of the eighteen cities.

Everyone, stunned at the sudden turn of events, journeyed back to their respective homes. They forged on, uncertain of what the future held for them.

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