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   Chapter 943 Surprising News

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Darren knew about the existence of immortals and gods from outer space, but he had never heard of the story about any gods.

His curiosity was piqued when he heard the Tiger Cat's explanation.

"Are these statues of real gods?" Darren asked with wonder.

"Yes. Those are statues of my master's masters," replied the Tiger Cat. Pride reflected in his tone, and awe shone in his eyes as he looked at the statues.

Darren's heart pounded as astonishment coursed through him. It turned out that the holy emperor was the disciple of three gods! That was incredible.

"Your master's masters are from outer space?"

"Why do you keep asking such ridiculous questions? Of course! Gods are from outer space. The continent we are on is very small. Humans originated in the Primitive Wilderness. You and I can't even begin to imagine what kind of powerful figures exist. But, these mighty figures are called gods!" answered the Tiger Cat.

Darren's master—the young man with black and white sword eyes, had once asked him to travel to the Primitive Wilderness. That was when Darren learned a little about it.

He murmured, "This means that my master is a god in the Primitive Wilderness. No wonder his sword intent is so powerful."

"What did you say? Your master is a god?" The Tiger Cat was astounded. Since he didn't know much about Darren's master, he felt that Darren was absurd.

"Nothing." Darren shrugged and dismissed the topic as he didn't want to share this information with the Tiger Cat.

"Well, tell me the truth. What did you mean just now?" Darren shook his head, but that only piqued the Tiger Cat's curiosity.

"Really, it's nothing. I once saw a sword formula in a cave and suspected that a god left it. After learning the sword formula, I began to refer to the mysterious warrior as my master," Darren lied.

The Tiger Cat eyed Darren scornfully. He thought that Darren was stupid for believing that a god left a random formula.

"Well, don't talk so much nonsense. Let me introduce my master to you."

Darren nodded, and the Tiger Cat began to speak slowly.

"My master cultivated three paths. These are Dark and Light Cultivation, Feminine and Masculine Cultivation, Water and Fire Cultivation. These three Conflicting Cultivations made my master so strong that he was a

ger Cat rolled his eyes at Darren and said, "I don't want to talk to you anymore. But let me clarify one last thing. It's difficult for you to get any of my master's Emperor Characters. Although you are also a cultivator of Conflicting Cultivation, your path is different. It will be a life and death attempt to obtain the inheritance.

However, the woman with you is different. She practices Feminine and Masculine Cultivation. If she decides to strive for my master's Feminine and Masculine Emperor Character, she will need to pass a few tests. Once she gets the Emperor Character, she will inherit the strength of my master in Feminine and Masculine Cultivation skills. Her future will then be limitless."

Darren pondered over what the Tiger Cat had said. He thought, 'I have never touched dark and light, nor feminine and masculine, nor fire and water. Am I doomed to lose the inheritance?'

"No way!" After some contemplation, Darren remembered that he had condensed the fire and water crystal. But, at that time, he didn't develop the two skills further because he thought the Water and Fire Cultivation was weak.

Perhaps he was eligible for the Fire and Water Emperor Character!

"What's wrong? Don't make a fuss," the Tiger Cat said lightly.

"Ha-ha, I think I am eligible for your master's inheritance as I simultaneously cultivate fire and water," Darren said with a smile.

"Bah! I probed your skills and didn't sense any fire and water!"

The Tiger Cat believed that Darren was lying to get the inheritance.

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