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   Chapter 942 The Inheritance Area

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"Grarl!" The rhinoceros let out a howl. Bright, red lights shone on his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a flash, the rhinoceros created a deep crater in the ground.

"Retreat!" Darren shouted. He swallowed a drop of holy emperor's power.


The rhinoceros drove his hard fist against Darren's chest, but Darren did not move an inch.

"What?!" The rhinoceros was stunned. With such a blow, even a large mountain would have been shattered to pieces. Darren should have been crushed.

"You're not strong enough," Darren said, eerily calm.

In that moment, he had become more powerful than a half-step emperor. Even if the dragon ancestor himself had recovered his full power, he would have great trouble defeating him.


The rhinoceros went berserk. He kept on frantically punching Darren, but it did no more than move him a few steps backwards.

The surrounding beasts were all shocked by what they were seeing. The rhinoceros was one of the strongest fighters among all of them. But he couldn't even put a scratch on this human.

"You human!" The rhinoceros's fists were covered in blood. He stared at Darren in disbelief.

"What? Surprised?" Darren flashed him a bitter smile. "My turn."


Darren turned himself into a shadow and gave the rhinoceros a hard punch. The rhinoceros was flabbergasted and could not defend himself.

"Well, even if you are strong, I don't think you would be able to break through my defense!"

The red light around the rhinoceros shone brightly. He huffed and stood up tall, ready to take on Darren's attack.


The rhinoceros was hurled backward. He crashed into a transparent wall, making the whole space shake violently.

"Ha! Silly human. You can't do it!"

The rhinoceros got up from the ground and laughed wildly, satisfied with his defense.

Suddenly, he heard a cracking sound.

He looked down at his body. Huge cracks were appearing all over and were threatening to break his armor completely.

The rhinoceros was shocked. He did not realize that this human's attack would be able to deal that much damage.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Blood spurted out of his body and made a pool on the ground. A short while after, the rhinoceros collapsed.

He w

not worth it.

"You are very clever. Come with me. I will tell you the whole story." The Tiger Cat stepped inside the golden temple. Darren followed him.

The layout of the temple appeared to be quite simple. Inside, there were only a few cushions laid out on the floor. Several statues made out of mud were erected.

However, Darren was on his guard. The temple felt anything but ordinary. Darren felt a chill run down his spine the moment he stepped into the temple. It was as if he was thrust into the mouth of a vicious beast, which made him shudder.

At the center of the temple lay four statues. Three of them shared the same face, albeit with different expressions.

A black statue knelt in front of them, exuding a ferocious aura.

As soon as Darren laid eyes on those statues, he felt like his eyes got stung. It was the same feeling he had when he came across the portrait of an immortal.

"Ah!" Darren immediately averted his eyes and took two steps back.

"You are brave. You even looked straight at the three gods," the Tiger Cat murmured.

"What?" Darren frowned. "What do you mean about the three gods? Shouldn't you be taking me to see the inheritance of your master?"

"You're rushing this too much. There are still some things you need to know. Besides, you've never seen a god yet, right? You've probably never even heard of it."

Darren's heart skipped a beat when he heard this. He had never seen a god before and the Tiger Cat's words piqued his interest.

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