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   Chapter 940 The Dark Cloud Beast

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Darren killed all of the creatures that came out of the blood river with a wave of his hand. The Tiger Cat couldn't figure out how Darren made it.

"Is this guy a potential super emperor?" the Tiger Cat muttered. Over the years, countless talents emerged on the continent. There were many who had the potential to become holy emperors, but few of them were actually able to enter the Super Emperor Realm.

The Super Emperor Realm was much more superior than the Emperor Realm. The power was unimaginable. At such an incredible level, the warrior had to either become a god or an immortal.

Of course, even gods and immortals were on different levels. If warriors became gods and immortals by this manner, they became more powerful than the creatures from outer space.

In the ancient times, there had been instances of a genuine emperor killing an immortal. Once this kind of genuine emperor became a god or an immortal, they would become powerful without equal.

Those who were seen to have the potential of becoming super emperors were truly gifted warriors, a cut above all of the rest.

"Maybe someone is helping him. Ha! He might not be a potential super emperor anyways," the Tiger Cat said, laughing. He thought he might have been overthinking things. He had never seen a potential super emperor before. Maybe Darren was not as great as he thought.

"Let me keep an eye on him. He's quite a talented guy." The Tiger Cat lay at the top of a mountain and settled himself to take a nap, but he kept his spiritual sense focused on Darren.

In the blood river, Darren stood tall amidst the chaos.

The survivors shook with fear, unable to even beg for their lives.

Chaz and the others flew over to him.

"Darren, you are really an astonishing genius!" exclaimed Anthony, who had already recovered a little.

Laura stared intently at Darren, breathless. Her heart beat wildly at the sight of him.

Only Chaz knew what was behind Darren's extraordinary power. He had already seen Darren use the holy emperor's power before

under some sort of illusion?"

His words enlightened the dragon ancestor. "Yes! You are right. You are completely surrounded by the Illusion Array. The one who released this illusion should be a powerful Dark Cloud Beast!"

"What is the Dark Cloud Beast?" Darren asked.

"The reason why this kind of creature is called a Dark Cloud Beast is that they have never appeared in front of others. No one can capture them, either. The Dark Cloud Beast is not strong, but it can create a powerful illusion. Once you are trapped in it, it's difficult to escape.

When I was younger, I was trapped by the beast and I almost died."

Hearing this, Darren laughed.

"Since you were trapped and were able to escape, surely it is not impossible to get out of this illusion. Right?"

"Ha! You smart brat." The dragon ancestor laughed. "Don't count on me. You can find the weakness of the Dark Cloud Beast yourself. It wouldn't include you in the illusion for no reason. It must have some purpose. As long as you use your head, things will be easy."

After saying that, the dragon ancestor immediately fell asleep.

Darren thought for a while. "What other purposes can there be? It trapped us to kill us and assimilate us."

At this point, Darren thought it was easy to break the illusion.

"Let's stop here and continue our cultivation," Darren suggested.

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