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   Chapter 938 Anthony Was Cheated

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The holy emperor who cultivated three conflicting martial arts skills had left behind a river of blood! Darren could hardly imagine how much holy emperor's power the blood river contained.

The river's deep red waves crashed against each other.

The vast blood river was enormous, about a kilometer wide in width and stretched farther than the eye could see.

"Wow! I bet the pressure will tear me apart if I move closer." Chaz took a few steps forward and stopped when he felt the river's immense power.

Anthony also tried to move closer to it. He also felt the great shock and dared not go any further.

"It's difficult to go across the blood river," Anthony said, shaking his head.

Darren stepped forward. "Don't forget, we have the Blood Suppressing Bead. It should protect us from the power of the blood river."

"Oh, that's right.

Countless men have died fighting for the beads. Obviously, they knew how important they are," answered Anthony.

"Let me try." Darren took out the Blood Suppressing Bead and walked slowly towards the blood river.

Darren was immediately assaulted by the river's magic and he felt his body begin to tear. The Blood Suppressing Bead in his hand glowed and released a red light that enveloped him, greatly reducing the river's power on him.

Just as Darren was about to step into the blood river, the cultivators from the other cities appeared behind him.

"Why do you have the Blood Suppressing Bead?"

Their eyes immediately fell on the magical object in Darren's hand. 'Only three Blood Suppressing Beads flew out from the tomb. They are all with us. How did he get one?' they thought to themselves.

"It's none of your business!" Chaz said, glaring at them.

"You arrogant bastard! Who do you think you are? I'm going to kick your ass!"

A strong warrior flew over to Chaz and was about to strike him when Anthony stepped in front of Chaz.

"How dare you?!" Anthony exclaimed, countering the warrior's attack.

The man flew backwards with Anthony's bl

Cat, visibly disgusted.

He thought that Darren was a rare talent and had infinite potential. He thought that getting roughed up a little would toughen him up, but he did not think that the men would be so brash as to want to end his life.

But regardless of what was happening, the Tiger Cat decided he would not help Darren. If he could not defeat the other warriors, it simply meant he was not strong enough and he wasn't the great talent that the Tiger Cat thought he was after all. This was his fate!

"May luck be on your side, boy. I now have other things to occupy my mind," the Tiger Cat huffed. Just like that, the Tiger Cat became indifferent to Darren's struggle. Even if the boy perished, Hailey would still be there to take his master's inheritance.

Hailey might not be as potential as Darren, but she did practice Primitive Masculine and Primitive Feminine Cultivation, which was one of the three conflicting martial arts skills his master had practiced. This was what made the Tiger Cat choose Hailey over Darren in the first place.

At the blood river

"Chaz, Laura, follow me! Run!"

Darren decided to cross the blood river. Once he assimilated the holy emperor's power in the river, the men would be doomed.


The waves of the blood river lapped wildly against each other as they fled towards the river.

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