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   Chapter 932 Millions Of Beasts Entered The Tomb

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A black bead fell into the hand of a four-tribulation junior holy warrior.

"Protect him! He has the Blood Suppressing Bead!"

The four-tribulation junior holy warrior's fellow apprentices rushed around him one after another, and the strong warriors of other cities also flocked to attack him with strong means.

After a series of explosions, the group of people who had gotten the Blood Suppressing Bead were all smashed into minced meat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, a dozen strong warriors were killed.

"How cruel!" Darren exclaimed as he shook his head in disbelief. This was just a scramble for a chance to enter the second door. When they finally entered the inheritance area of the holy emperor's tomb, few of these hundreds of strong warriors might survive.

In the following quarter of an hour, the Blood Suppressing Bead was exchanged constantly from hand to hand. Many lives were lost. The sky was dyed red by blood, like hell had been unleashed from the heavens.

After observing for a while, Darren thought that he was a fool. "Since so many masters have fallen, why am I still standing here?" he muttered to himself. The death of so many masters was a good opportunity for him to use the Assimilation Skill.

However, since the last time he assimilated a lot of the talents of the beasts, even if these dead people were powerful warriors, it was not very useful for Darren to assimilate their talents.

He needed to assimilate the talents of much stronger warriors. Only in this way could there be unexpected effects. After reaching a saturated state, it would be less effective to assimilate the talent of the masters with the same level as what he used to assimilate.

In spite of this, he didn't want to waste any of them, so Darren just flew into the battlefield.

Darren dodged left and right, releasing his strength to resist the dispersed attacks.


Streams of talent flowed into Darren's mind and gathered in the mysterious crystal space, condensing into the liquid with different colors.

An hour later, the fight had gradually subsided, and one of the Blood Suppressing Beads fell into the hand of a five-tribulation junior holy warrior.

This cultivator was very smart. After he got the bead, he announced that he could share it with others. He gathered the other ten cultivators of the same level with him immediately. With such a strong group, the rest couldn't dare to make a move.

The fight for the other two Blood Suppressing Beads soon subsided too, because the other two masters got the other two b

"It doesn't matter." Darren smiled. "I got the news that these fierce birds will enter through another entrance. As long as we don't provoke them, nothing will happen."

"Really? And you're sure of this?" Anthony asked doubtfully.

"Yes, I would have to say so. We'll be able to confirm this in a short while," Darren replied. Anthony and others nodded and chose to believe him.

A moment later, the birds gradually flew away, but the ground in the distance was full of thick smoke and dust, and the beasts on the ground were galloping.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Those powerful beasts' aura was no less than that of the fierce birds, but they quickly rushed toward another direction.

"Oh, you are right." Anthony felt relieved.

The rest of the strong masters secretly heaved a sigh of relief too. If those fierce birds and beasts really came to attack them, it would be hard for them to survive.

"Come on in," Darren said.

When Darren was about to enter the entrance of the holy emperor's tomb, a golden figure appeared suddenly. The air was full of its ferocity.

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Darren was shocked. He didn't know why there was a fierce bird trying to give him a sudden attack.

Then he unleashed his spiritual sense to probe the bird with his mind. To his surprise, it was the ancient golden roc!

"Damn it, why could you still recognize me?"

Darren didn't know what to say. The ancient golden roc had entered the tomb with the team of other birds, but Darren didn't expect it to find him in such a situation.

In an instant, the strong attack of the ancient golden roc had already come face to face with Darren. Such ferocity made everyone present terrified out of their wits.

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