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   Chapter 930 Hailey's Strength

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"Who is seeking death? How dare you attack me?"

Hudson looked around him, but there was no one there.

The other two were too shocked to say anything. They looked around frantically. "We are sorry! Please forgive us if we have offended you!"

The two realized that the one who had attacked them was stronger than them by far. Only Hudson with his fiery temper and short fuse would dare to provoke their foe further.

"Who do you think you are, killing the disciples of the Holy City? Were you sent by someone? Tell me!"

A bright, white light flashed and suddenly, Hudson was whisked up into the air by his neck.

Hudson's face turned red. His eyes went wide as he struggled to speak. "I-I-I...I'm...s-sorry, A-anthony. Urk!"

It was none other than the Holy City's most powerful disciple, Anthony.

Darren flew to him. "Thank you so much," he said.

Anthony nodded. "Why did they want to kill you?"

"I don't know, but they also captured Arvin and the others. They even tried to take advantage of Laura," Darren answered shortly.

"Ha. No wonder the disciples of our city disappeared," Anthony said, giving a sinister smile.

"Anthony, what did you do?" Suddenly, a loud roar rang out.

A man appeared out of nowhere, rods of lightning flickering all over his body. His power was immense and Darren was terrified by it.

"Why, nothing at all."

With that, Anthony tightened his grip on Hudson's neck. With a sickening crunch, Hudson fell to the ground.

Anthony looked over at Hudson's body with disgust and launched an attack towards his head, crushing it flat.

Seeing this, the disciples of the Deer City and the Moonlight City were all stunned.

"Anthony, it was a mistake. We just wanted to... to... to chat! Yes! To chat with Laura. We didn't mean anything. Please don't kill us!" begged Mr. Xue from the Deer City, fearing that he would be next.

The man covered in lightning went to Anthony in a rage.

"How dare you kill one o

licting Cultivation method. Her most powerful force was the fusion, and her fusion power had not been weakened.

What astonished Darren the most was that Hailey was a top level senior holy warrior! He became very curious. Even he had only been able to reach the junior holy warrior level. What had happened to her after all those years that she had disappeared?

"What? Cat got your tongue?" the dragon ancestor sneered.

"Oh, hush," Darren muttered, fixing his eyes on Hailey.

In front of him, Hailey transformed into an illusion. The grey and white sword intent swept across the battlefield and he could see that she was matching Madison Lei's every attack.

During the next few moments, Hailey triggered her fusion power. She released a golden and purple light onto the battlefield. Instantly, eighteen thunder punishment vortexes abruptly appeared behind Madison Lei to counter her attack.

However, Hailey had overpowered him. All his vortexes dissipated and he was flung backwards. Blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

"You! You're stronger than Anthony!

Conflicting Cultivation is really amazing. But you've exposed your strength. Pity that you won't live that much longer, ha-ha," Madison Lei said, disappearing with a flash of lightning.

Hailey quietly walked over to Darren.

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