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   Chapter 929 Being Surrounded

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After much persuasion, the Grand Crow became rather tempted at Darren's offer.

He thought that it would be possible for him to recover his strength in the holy emperor's tomb.

"Well, I can agree to your suggestion. I'll follow you to the holy emperor's tomb this time. But whether you can come out alive or not is your own business. If you die there, you deserve it."

Darren was delighted to hear this.

"Why are you still standing there? Let me go!" the Grand Crow roared.

Darren withdrew the rings at once. The Grand Crow soared into the sky and vanished in a blink of an eye.

"Damn! We've been fooled! He just ran away!" Chaz roared.

After a while, a red shadow flashed and approached them.

"Do you know what I did just now?" said the Grand Crow.

"How would I know?" Darren rolled his eyes at him.

"Humph! If you want to enter the holy emperor's tomb, you would need this," the Grand Crow said, throwing a black bead at Darren.

The bead fell onto Darren's hand. As he let it roll around his palm, he tried to figure out what was so special about it.

"What's the use?" Darren asked confusedly.

"I'll tell you when it's useful. If my calculations are correct, three beads of this kind will fly out of the holy emperor's tomb in thirty days, and the humans outside will inevitably fight for it. But you don't have to fight for it as I have given this to you as a sign of good faith," the Grand Crow said.

"Great! Then let's go inside!" Darren said enthusiastically.

"Right now? It's impossible to go in now. You have to wait for thirty days until the entrance of the holy emperor's tomb opens."

"What do you mean? If we wait until the entrance opens, won't it be possible that everyone can enter?" Chaz asked.

"Ha-ha, that's not that simple. After we enter the holy emperor's tomb, there are still three gates that we have to go through. Only through these three barriers can we enter the inheritance area. Getting there is much more dangerous and difficult," the Grand Crow explained.

"Hmmm. I have a question for you," Darren said, "From what I've heard, killing the golden crows can help me enter the holy emperor's tomb. Is there any truth to that?"

"Those bastard gol

d behind Darren. It was Mr. Xue from the Deer City. At the same time, on Darren's right side, some warriors from the Moonlight City released their aura.

Darren's face changed instantly. Now, two more five-tribulation junior holy warriors appeared, making it difficult for him to escape.

"Sir, help me activate the golden crow's fragment," Darren said to the dragon ancestor residing in his heart.

However, there was no response.

"Sir?" Darren called out, but still no response, which made him feel a bit of panic.

"Kid, are you scared? Tell me where the hot girl is, or I'll kill you!" the young man from the Moonlight City said viciously. Ever since he first encountered Laura in the stone forest, he couldn't stop imagining her taking off her clothes and standing bare before him.

"Screw you! Go to hell!" Darren cursed with anger as he ran towards the left.

"You want to run? It's too late for that now, boy!"

They used all kinds of skills to block Darren's way.

"Damn it! Go all out!" Darren gritted his teeth. He began to disregard the sword skill agreement and his body began to shed a bloody light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three explosive sounds suddenly came. Before Darren started to move, the three warriors who had been chasing him flew backwards like arrows.

They came down with so much force that their bodies created massive holes on the ground. After a long time, they shakily stood up. Each of them looked very miserable and embarrassed.

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