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   Chapter 928 The Grand Crow

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After half a month, Darren managed to kill three golden crows, acquire their fragments, and assimilate their speed.

"Darren, come here! Quick!"

Chaz called out, using his spiritual sense. Darren thought Chaz might've caught another golden crow.

Darren followed Chaz's call and flew straight into an ancient forest. Standing there was Chaz, guarding one of the Serial Feminine Rings.

Chaz saw Darren and immediately waved to catch his attention. "Darren, look at this. What could it be?" he asked.

Darren walked over and saw a bird trapped by the ring. The bird looked similar in stature and size to a golden crow, but its feathers were a bright red color.

"Perhaps it's a mutated golden crow," Darren said casually.

"You're the mutated golden crow! Your whole family are mutated golden crows!" To Darren's surprise, the strange red-feathered bird could talk!

"I thought the same thing but this beast had been cursing me for four hours before I asked you to come here." Chaz had to tolerate the cursing for four hours because he couldn't slay the bird. Hence, he called Darren.

"Now that I know you can speak, tell me what you are," said Darren.

"Why should I tell the likes of you? Brat, don't blame me for not warning you. If you don't let me go, you'll die!" the strange bird said arrogantly. It was completely fearless.

Darren frowned, wondering what it was. His brows furrowed as he thought for a moment.

'Right! I can ask the dragon ancestor, ' he thought.

"Sir, I caught a strange red bird. What could it be?" he asked.

Darren's call woke the dragon ancestor from his slumber.

"Can you keep it down? I'm trying to sleep. How annoying! It's just a bird. Why do you need to ask me about it?" the dragon ancestor mumbled, annoyed.

But the very next moment, he started shouting.

"Oh my goodness!"

"Do you know what it is, sir?" Darren asked curiously.

"Know it? Even more than that!" The dragon ancestor laughed and said, "This bird is called the Grand Crow. We're from the same era."

"Well, I called it a mutated golden crow just now and it scolded me," Darren said.

"Of course he scolded you. The golden crow species originated from his wife having an affair with other birds. Do you understand why he was so angry now?"

"Haha, seriously?" Darre


"Who the hell are you?" The Grand Crow became serious.

"It's really none of your business. But there's one thing I'm sure you know about me. You will benefit from allying with a strong warrior like me.

What's more, you were in a big mess after entering the holy emperor's tomb before. Don't you want to return and restore your strength to its peak?"

said Darren, making things up as he went. He knew that someone like the Grand Crow must be constantly trying to recover his strength—just like Barnes. The topic of regaining strength would definitely get his attention.

"Restore my strength?" As Darren expected, the Grand Crow's demeanor changed in an instant. He was even trembling with excitement.

"That's right."

"Are you sure that's possible? My strength is suppressed by the Emperor Character. How could I possibly recover from that?" The Grand Crow wanted to know more; he could not help telling the reason why his strength disappeared in the first place. This was his chance.

Darren kept his composure, as not to give away too much. "I know you were repressed by the Emperor Character, and that's why I know how to recover you strength. What I need from you now is access to the holy emperor's tomb. Do you get what I'm saying?"

"What? I can't believe it!" The Grand Crow was hesitant, but his excitement didn't wear down.

"Haha, Darren, you rascal. You're getting pretty good at lying here. I'd say it's a good move to fool this guy." The dragon ancestor gave a hearty laugh from within Darren's mind.

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