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   Chapter 926 Anthony Arrived

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Hearing the crows' cries made Darren both happy and worried.

The greater the number of the golden crows, the more fragments he would get. But the strength of a golden crow was comparable to that of the half-step emperor. If there were more than a hundred of the golden crows, how horrible it would be!

"Darren, why do we even need the golden crows? Can you speed up further if you get more?" Laura asked curiously.

"No, it's not about that. I heard that the golden crows' fragments can help us enter the holy emperor's tomb to obtain the inheritance," Darren stated.

"What? Really?"

Chaz exclaimed in surprise. Even Laura was taken aback. The tomb had been discovered for many years. There were numerous strong warriors who wanted to enter the tomb, but none of them succeeded.

But now Darren told her that they could enter the holy emperor's tomb with the golden crows' fragments. It was really something worth noting. The dead holy emperor was indeed very powerful as he had practiced three conflicting martial arts skills. Even if they couldn't get the inheritance, absorbing some of the holy emperor's power in the tomb would be immensely beneficial for them!

"Who told you that?" Laura asked, feeling a bit skeptical.

"Surely that master," Darren answered.

"The master is so knowledgeable! No wonder the elders sent other warriors here, and so did all the other cities. It means that the holy emperor's tomb is about to open." Laura was excited. It would be the honor of lifetime if she had the chance to enter the holy emperor's tomb!

"All right. We should try to get as many pieces as possible first," Darren said.

"That kind of beast seems to be very powerful. There's no denying that it would be difficult for us to defeat one of them. How can we get more fragments in such a short amount of time?" Chaz could feel the power of the golden crows. The way the golden crows' cries echoed all around them made his heart sink.

Darren asked the dragon ancestor for help.

"Sir, there seems to be many golden crows here, but I have my doubts that we will be able to defeat them all."

"Silly boy... I have told you that I will help you. I have my own way." The dragon ancestor laughed confidently.

"What's it?"

"The golden crows have masculine power. We should use feminine power to de

painfully mistaken. Her eyes were starting to get hot with tears, but she swallowed her pain and tried to keep the atmosphere light.

"Ha-ha, Darren, don't be silly! I was just kidding! I know so many other men better than you! Besides, you're too young for my taste.

Did you really believe it? Look at your silly face!"

Laura said hurriedly to cover up her embarrassment.

"I knew it!" Darren pretended to be enlightened. "I was still fooled by you. Alas, how stupid I was."

"Laura, you didn't seem to be joking," a voice called out.

As they were talking, a figure suddenly appeared behind them.

Hearing the voice, Laura turned her head suddenly and was stunned when she saw the man.


"Ha-ha, long time no see. How are you doing, Laura?"

"Good. I'm going great. When did you come? You scared me just now." In front of the handsome young man, Laura was like a younger sister.

"Hailey and I have been here for a long time. We heard what you just said." Anthony was grinning and staring at Laura, making her blush.

"Ha-ha, I didn't know you would be shy." Anthony smiled and said to Darren, "This must be Darren, right? You're really a young and handsome man. No wonder you easily won over Laura's heart."

"Hello, Anthony." Darren stood up and nodded politely.

"Hailey, why don't you come and meet Darren as well?" Anthony turned around, and beckoned for his companion to come forward. A beautiful figure emerged from the purple mist. Her face was so doleful that it would be nearly impossible to forget.

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