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   Chapter 924 A Rescue

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Darren was already getting desperate. Any time now, he would be forced to use his Bloody Shura Force.

"Have you already forgotten your promise?" the dragon ancestor asked.

"Shit! At the crucial moment of life and death, if I only use sword skills, I will die!" Darren replied hastily.

A million shadow spears surrounded Darren. They all came out from Hudson's palm.

Fissures erupted on the ground while smoke rose ominously from it. From Hudson's palm alone, the strength of a five-tribulation junior holy warrior had been emitted.

Generally, a top-level, four-tribulation junior holy warrior would be able to stand a chance against a common senior holy warrior. But Hudson was stronger. Barnes was a perfect example of how powerful five-tribulation junior holy warriors were. Back then, he could have been considered a match to the Misty Emperor.

If Darren's cultivation level couldn't even reach Chandler's or Luther's, how could he possible defeat Hudson? His only chance of escape was if he used his Bloody Shura Force. His swordsmanship wouldn't be enough to save his life.

But the dragon ancestor had distracted him enough to eliminate all chances of escape. All his strength might not help him get away now.

The shadows of the spear rained down like an overwhelming torrent that threatened to crush Darren.

"I'm doomed." Darren felt his heart sink as dread settled at the pit of his stomach.

The shadow spears impaled themselves on the ground.

Dust and smoke billowed from where they were stuck onto. Immediately, the stone forest around them cracked to pieces.

Darren now stood before a ruin. As for the other disciples of the Holy City, they might have the golden crow's fragments with them. Hence, the people from the other cities protected them from the scattered energy of the battle. Otherwise, they would have been crushed to ashes.

"Darren!" Chaz shouted. He had watched Darren get hit by the strong attack. The force of it should be enough to kill even him in normal circumstances. He could just imagine how it would affect Darren.

His anger fueled him to raise his halberd and rush towards the brawny man.

"Humph! You're just a four-tribulation junior holy warrior. I can cut you to pieces."

Hudson merely snorted and unleashed his spear shadows at Chaz. They enveloped Chaz completely.

Chaz struck his halberd with all his might. Thunderbolts burst out of its blades as it clashed with the spear shadows.

Each time the blades crossed, it produced loud explosions.

Beams of light scat

her!" the man from the Moonlight City roared.

"Take your time then. We will go," the thin man said. He looked down on the man from the Moonlight City. He found it laughable that this man was so obsessed with a woman when they should be focusing their energy on finding the golden crow.

The people from the Ghost City began their search among the remaining disciples of the Holy City, but they saw no traces of the golden crow's fragment.

Hudson searched the other half, but he also didn't find it. In the end, Hudson was so frustrated that he killed a disciple of the Holy City. The rest, they took as prisoners.

On other hand, the two young men were too stuck in their own thoughts of Laura and the salacious things they would do to her body. Both of them were determined to hunt her down.

Meanwhile, in a grotto three thousand kilometers away from the stone forest...

"Darren, you saved me."

Thoughts of suicide had filled Laura's head back when she thought there was no hope for her escape. At that time, she was so desperate and miserable that she didn't even notice the warm hand that held her. It was only when she noticed the scenery pass her by like a blur did she realize that she was traveling in an amazing speed. It felt as if time and space were in disarray.

By the time it stopped, she found herself nestled in Darren's arms. A feeling of warmth engulfed her, making her heart throb with life.

"Darren, what's going on? How are you moving so fast?" Chaz asked in surprise.

Darren didn't answer any of their questions at first. He simply took a robe out from his Space Ring and handed it to Laura. "Laura, can you please change into it for the time being?"

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