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   Chapter 920 The Dragon Ancestor's Help

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Suffering the tremendous impact, Darren felt great pain all over his body. His dragon scales started to fall off.

The sound wave attack was so powerful that Darren couldn't resist it even after transforming into a dragon.


However, Darren did not retreat. His body glowed with blood-red light and he rushed forward with more ferocity.

When Darren got close, he saw Laura's pale face contorted with pain as she tried to fend off the sound wave attack.

"Darren, don't come any closer! You'll die!" Seeing Darren transform, Laura knew that Darren would burst under the attack of sound waves. She didn't want to get him involved.

But Darren turned a deaf ear to what Laura said.

The closer he got to Laura, the more pressure he could feel. He felt his body breaking slowly, piece by piece.

"Get out of here, Darren! I'm going to die. Why are you here? Get back!" Laura shouted, her voice full of pain.


Darren could no longer move forward. He used all his might to direct his Shura Force into the pink vortex. If Gregory died, the sound wave attack would disappear.

Seeing the violent blood-red light rushing towards him, Gregory turned pale. He didn't expect that kind of power to come from that ordinary boy.


The Shura Force crashed into Gregory and shattered his body into pieces. He let out a wail and collapsed into a pile of dust.

However, even though Gregory was gone, the sound wave attack did not dissipate at all! With his last cry, Gregory had even added to the power of the sound waves.

His sound was so fierce that it tore into the atmosphere and washed over Darren.

Darren was so close to death.

"Idiot, how can a weak dragon like you withstand such a powerful attack? How can you be so stupid?"

Darren felt his heart tug and heard a voice cry out to him.

He was losing consciousness quickly and could feel himself bursting. He did not want his last memory to be of the dragon ancestor scolding him.

Laura was moved to tears

at Darren's show of power. Never had they encountered such great power before, and they felt incredibly lucky to have seen it just now.

"You are flattering me," Darren chuckled, shaking his head.

"Darren, we truly admire you. That was one of the greatest things we have ever seen," Arvin said.

"It wasn't me. I had help from someone very special. Without him, both Laura and I would be dead by now."

"What? Is it really true?" Everyone looked at Darren in confusion.

"Yes. It is." Darren tried to get up but winced at the effort.

"Darren, you risked your life to save mine. I am extremely grateful. How can I ever repay you?"

Without anyone noticing, Laura had already fixed herself up. She was wearing a beautiful, pink dress and her long, black hair flowed in soft curls. Color had returned to her cheeks and she walked with the grace and poise of a queen.

She was even more charming than she was when they first met.

"You don't have to repay me. It was the right thing to do." Darren smiled.

"Don't tell me you're in love with me. That's why you saved me, didn't you?" Laura laughed musically.

"Of course... not. I swear that I overestimated my own strength. If I had known that I would have been in that much danger, I would have run away," Darren joked.

"You!" Laura stomped her feet, irritated.

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