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   Chapter 918 The Holy Emperor's Tomb

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"Laura, what exactly is your mission? Why did the elders send you here?" Arvin asked.

"They want me to find the tomb of the ancient emperor," Laura replied.

Shock rippled among the rest of them when they heard the ancient tomb. Even Darren felt his heart jolt at Laura's answer, but he disguised his surprise with his calmness.

Curious, Laura stared at his placid face. "Huh. You don't seem interested by this."

"I am interested, but I've already seen a powerful holy emperor and the soul of an ancient emperor. I'm afraid nothing can surprise me now," Darren said with a smile.

His words made him sound arrogant in everyone else's ears.

"Stop bragging, Darren."

Unfortunately, nobody believed him.

"Darren's not making it up. He really did meet a holy emperor's soul." Chaz immediately came to his defense.

Someone laughed. "I don't believe it."

"I believe in him." It was Laura, and she was staring at Darren with her bright eyes. "But Darren, I don't think you understand the value of the tomb. It was said that it belongs to a genuine emperor of three conflicting martial art skills. Does that not interest you?"

"Wow!" A spark of interest finally flickered in Darren's eyes, disturbing his calm exterior. Back in the ancient times, although there was no thunder punishment for cultivators practicing Conflicting Cultivation, it was still a dangerous and difficult path to take. To reach the Emperor Realm via the Conflicting Cultivation was extremely difficult.

Darren could remember clearly what the Shadow Emperor had told him back in the Ancient Void Battlefield. He said that he was defeated by a grand warrior with four conflicting martial art skills. If a grand warrior with four conflicting martial art skills could easily kill a holy emperor, one could barely imagine just how powerful this ancient emperor could be!

Besides, Darren was always curious about Conflicting Cultivation. He had already practiced the sword and blade conflicting skills, and he was eager to know more about the Conflicting Cultivation.

'If only I was successful with the Rule and Martial Arts Cultivation, I would have been practicing two conflicting martial arts skills. Unfortunately, I had to give up and divide my soul in two as I couldn't bear the thunder punishment.' Darren pondered on this for a moment.

Strictly speaking, the Blade and Sword Cultivation was the only Conflicting Cultivation for him. As for the Fire and Water Cultivation, since the powers of flame and ice in his body hadn't merged, it couldn'

d heard of this policy before he came to this land, so he understood where Laura was coming from.

"So it's normal to kill others to survive in the eighteen cities."

Once again, Darren found himself consumed by his own thoughts.

"But you don't have to be afraid, Darren. Our policy isn't as cruel as it sounds. All half-step emperors are forbidden from attacking anyone from the younger generation who is under five thousand years old.

And anyway, we're friends now. As long as you behave, I'll be here to protect you."

Darren rolled his eyes.

"Thanks for your support," he said, dryly.

"There's no need for formalities. This is simply an exchange of favors, so that the next time I need your help, you'll have no choice but to come." Laura laughed.

"Of course I'll come for you." Darren returned her smile.

"Ah. I think my shoulders and legs are sore now after all that flying. Let's stop and rest for a while. Darren, can you please massage my legs for me?" A charming smirk slid unto Laura's beautiful face. She batted her long eyelashes at Darren.

Upon hearing her request, two disciples fell down on their knees. They wanted to volunteer to take Darren's place for the job.

At the back of their mind, the voice of reason kept telling them that they were playing with fire by doing so.

As soon as Darren and the others landed, Laura dramatically lounged against a rock. Her lean body stretched out on the ground with a flourish. Delicately, she lifted her skirt and motioned Darren to come to her. "Come on, Darren. You promised to help me when I need you. If you can't do this little favor, how can I know that I can rely on you the next time I call for you?"

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