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   Chapter 915 Young Master

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When the crowd recognized Darren, their faces darkened.

"Darren Chu, you know we were looking for you. Why didn't you tell us who you were? Did you have fun messing with us?"

Darren sneered and said, "You always call me trash, a loser. Why would I tell you who I am?"

"You just wanted to make fools out of us!" someone retorted angrily.

"I didn't. Now that you have completed your task, I'm leaving."

"Stop! Someone, hold him back. We have to teach him a lesson!" someone shouted.


The withered forest shook and was covered with a strange aura.

Out of the shadows came a figure.

"It's the young master!"

The disciples of the Blue Cloud City, thinking they were saved, were overjoyed to see him.

"Young master, we are here. We need you!" they cried out.

"Ha! It is time for you to die," the leader of the disciples of the Blue Cloud City said, a smug grin on his face.

He believed that the young master could defeat a four-tribulation junior holy warrior, considering now that that warrior was injured. As for Darren, the young master could defeat him with his eyes closed.

"Kneel down and accept your demise!" the leader shouted, no longer afraid.

"Damn it! It's the young master of the Blue Cloud City, Myron Mu." The disciples of the Holy City glared, staring at the figure's approaching form.

Both Darren and Chaz stayed silent.

The young leader walked straight up to Darren. "You little bastard! You should have killed me when you had the chance but you were too stupid to do so! Now, you will die! Ha!"

Darren narrowed his eyes. "Do you think I will spare you just because your young master is here?"

As he spoke, his body glowed crimson red. His sword and blade flew out.

"Ah!" Frightened, the young leader let out a cry and tried to run away. However, he couldn't escape from Darren's combined power of the swo

and Chaz!

"Well, do we fight?"

Darren spoke first.

"Ha! You're a very interesting creature!" Myron laughed and continued, "I see you're not as weak as I thought. Here's a proposition: serve me and I will spare your life."

"Do you think you can turn me into a servant?" Darren snapped.

"Bastard!" Myron's face darkened. "Your arrogance will be the death of you. One more instance of your rudeness and your head will roll."

Darren began to feel pressured.

"You'll have to survive my attacks first."

Darren gave a roar of rage and launched into battle. He was done arguing.

Countless sword intents condensed into swords and surrounded Myron.

Myron was an expert swordsman. He wielded his sword, sending a bolt of lightning to the sword intents.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Their forces clashed and threw the disciples of the Holy City into the air.


Myron suddenly cursed.

"You little bastard, you actually have a sword intent that transcends the limit!"

Myron's own sword intent was the dark lighting sword intent, which was second only to the killing sword intent.

He was taken by surprise at how powerful Darren's sword intent was.

He became green with envy, and this fueled his rage towards Darren.

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