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   Chapter 914 You Are Darren

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Darren and Chaz tore through the treasure beast's body until they found two bones in its abdomen. The bones were shining so brightly.

"Wow! There are two Runic Bones! We can make a fortune out of these."

Chaz hurriedly picked up the Runic Bones and scrutinized them closely.

He handed them to Darren afterwards instead of keeping them to himself.

"Why are you giving them to me?" Darren asked. He seemed hesitant to take the bones from Chaz.

"I should be handing the good stuff to you," Chaz joked.

"You don't have to do that. Just keep them. They're useless to me anyway."

"Well, you can still have them, and if you want, just give me one of them."

To be honest, Darren wasn't expecting Chaz's words. It seemed like the latter really deferred to him.

"Don't be like that. We're friends so you can keep them if you want." Darren rolled his eyes at Chaz.

"Very well then. We'll split it up. You take one and I'll take the other. It may be useless to you now, but you can probably have it traded with something else." Chaz then placed one of the Runic Bones into Darren's hands, who accepted it without another word of refusal.

After that, they made their way to where the disciples of the Blue Cloud City were.

"Hey! Aren't you the disciples of the Blue Cloud City? Why are you acting like dogs?"

The disciples of the Holy City sneered disdainfully at the disciples of the Blue Cloud City. They had the latter under their mercy.

Those from the Blue Cloud City paled even more upon seeing Darren.

"Sir, please let me go. They only forced me to do it! I didn't actually want to kill you."

One of the Blue Cloud City disciples kowtowed incessantly to Darren. His timid figure was almost shaking in desperation and fear.

The disciples of the Holy City frowned at Darren.

"Did you beat them like this?" asked Arvin, the leader of the disciples of the Holy City.

Darren simply ignored him, heading straight to the leader of the Blue Cloud City disciples.

"How do you want to die?" Darren asked. He appeared calm and composed but his tone held malice.

But the leader of the Blue Cloud City disciples was completely unfazed by Darren's intimidating presence. He met his gaze head on. His own hatred reflected back to Darren.

He spat at the ground in disdain.

"Very well then. I'll make your death quick since you didn't beg for mercy." Initially, Darren planned on taking his time in torturing them before ending their lives. But he changed his mind as soon as he saw the man's tough facade.

"Hey! Why do you get to kill him? Are you forgetting that he'

with his own spear. He had just saved him from death.

"Don't even think that we aren't serious about killing you," Chaz threatened. His face was as cold as ice as he stared at the two disciples from the Holy City.

"Just let them go. It's no use provoking them into a fight." Arvin held the disciple back with his spiritual sense.

Almost reluctantly, the disciple sighed and gave in. He might not agree to what Arvin had said, but he didn't dare defy him.

Arvin then stepped forward. His attention was solely on Chaz. "Those transmission tokens will allow you to go to the Blue Cloud City. It can only be activated if you fill it with Spirit Power or spiritual sense. That's all you need to know. You can leave now."

Chaz snorted, not even bothering to say thank you to Arvin. He turned to Darren and motioned for them to leave. "Let's go, Darren."

Darren nodded and walked after him.

"Wait!" This time, it was Arvin who tried to prevent them from leaving. Darren and Chaz turned around, frowning.

Darren had decided that if Arvin would disrespect them again, he wouldn't hold himself back any longer.

Surprisingly, Arvin didn't do such thing. Instead, he asked, "Are you Darren Chu?"

Before Darren could even answer, Arvin took out a portrait of his likeness. He looked at it and then back at Darren.

"So you are Darren!" He sounded surprised by this.

They had orders to locate Darren's whereabouts, but he hadn't expected that their paths would cross several times. Ironically, he hadn't recognized Darren each time they ran into each other until now.

This explained why this guy was looking for a transmission token to the eighteen cities. He was only a junior holy warrior and he didn't have one.

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