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   Chapter 912 The Indomitable Force

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The sword intent condensed into a solid, tangible sword in front of the colorful treasure beast. Darren wielded the sword with immense strength, forming perfect arches in the air.

Fury flashed in the treasure beast's eyes.

With a shuddering cry, it sprang forward, the sword slapping against its massive claw.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sonorous sound rang out in the air. The claws of the treasure beast were indeed hard enough to resist Darren's sword intent.

The exasperation of the treasure beast was welling up. Before long, a thousand rays of lightning shot out of the beast and shattered Darren's sword intent.

"This beast is really strong, Chaz," Darren said as he smiled sheepishly. "I will have to leave him to you." Then he leaped back. Although his sword intent was very powerful, it was not strong enough to kill a treasure beast that was as powerful as a top level, four-tribulation junior holy warrior.

"No problem," Chaz said with a cheeky grin. At once, Chaz transformed into a phantom and rushed towards the treasure beast.

As soon as Chaz left, those men who had retreated came forth and surrounded Darren.

"You!" one of them shouted at Darren.

Darren knew that they were the disciples of the Blue Cloud City.

"What a coincidence to meet you here!" Darren said with impassive look on the face.

"This treasure beast is ours! If you dare to rob it of us, we will kill you!" the young man in the lead threatened.

He was in panic, for he would suffer a great loss if the treasure beast was snatched. Moreover, they had already informed the young master. It was only a matter of time before he arrived. Right now, they had to keep the Runic Bone to themselves before his arrival. If they failed, the young master would surely think that they were useless and would definitely punish them.

"Who said that the treasure beast is yours? Can you even kill it by yourselves? You all retreated in cowardice! Just shut up and watch!" Darren said coldly with a scoff.

All of those men were filled with murderous intent at Darren's arrogant manner.

Although they all saw that Darren's sword intent was very strong, they did not feel it strong enough to make them give in. They reckoned that Darren's strength was on par with that of a top level junior holy warrior of three tribulations.

"So does that mean you do not want to live?" The foremost young man narrowed his eyes.

"Let's not talk nonsense with him. We'd better kill this bastard while that four-tribulation junior holy warrior is busy dealing the treasure beast," someone from the folk suggested.

"That's exactly what I was thinking of."

Saying that, the young man gave orders to the others. Instantly, they arrayed themselves and beset Darren, getting ready to assail him.

There were more than ten people there, and all had the prominent cultivation base. Darren perceived that their joint efforts could fight against the treasure beas

surged like a flood, and he became as strong as a new four-tribulation junior holy warrior. What was more, he was not the only one who had gained the natural force of the earth. The whole company was now powerful enough to compete against even a treasure beast.

Darren also noticed the change in their cultivation base. His body turned red, getting ready for his next assault.

Then a dark gold internal force rushed out of his mouth and dashed towards the group of men.

"What! It is the power of the Conflicting Cultivation!"

Everyone was surprised. It wasn't until now that they realized that Darren was not as weak as they had thought. Not only did he have the genuine dragon's body, but also the Conflicting Cultivation, which made him no weaker than those talents who had acquired their cultivation base by surviving tribulations.

Nonetheless, they felt the power of the Conflicting Cultivation suppressible. They believed that Darren would not be able to launch the attack a second time as it would require a significant consumption of energy.

However, all their perception proved ill. A blood-red light flashed and filled the air.

The aura of the light was terrifying enough to send all the men on the ground shuddering with fear.

There was a harsh rattle, and then a piercing scream.

It was Darren. His dragon body had turned blood red and his strength had enhanced to its limit.

"We must kill him! Our fate will be decided by this fight! Give him all you've got!"

Despite the terror towards their enemy, they had no choice but to fight Darren with all their might.

They had never expected that Darren would become their key danger.

As far as they knew, the blood-red light Darren released was far stronger than any power of the Conflicting Cultivation they had ever seen.

Mustering up all their strength, the men exerted themselves in the battle against Darren. The earth began to shake, and the space began to collapse.

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