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   Chapter 908 Change Of The Soul

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In an underground cave

"The bird finally left. We would've been in a lot of trouble if it found us."

Chaz came out of the cave to see what was going on. He saw that the aura of the ancient golden roc disappeared in the vast expanse.

In the cave, Darren sat in silence. He was focused on immersing himself in refining his newly assimilated talent.

In his mysterious crystal space, Darren was delighted to see the talent he had assimilated earlier materialized as drops of liquid. Once he added them all up, he realized it was ten times greater than all the talent he had assimilated in the past.

After a few days of immersion, he had absorbed the liquid talent by one third. This time, the crystal wall space was undisturbed—even the cracks in the space had disappeared.

Darren could really feel the difference after taking in all that talent.

His soul seemed to have undergone a great change. He could sense the special forces of heaven and earth from within his body.

"I wonder if my current level of talent has surpassed that of the Genuine Domain Degree."

After his soul's transformation, he found that his deducing ability had also greatly improved. It could be comparable to the ability of the Rule Soul Avatar.

Darren tested his newfound abilities by using his sword intent. His speed was tremendously faster, and just by pushing a little more effort it was as if hundreds of thousands of copies of himself were grasping the sword intent at once. It was an amazing yet terrifying ability to wield.

In just a few hours, Darren's sword intent had reached record-breaking limits, and it seemed to have exceeded the extreme level.

"I wonder if this ability changed the size of my sword core like it changed for my sword intent?"

From the start, Darren had been considering the idea of fusing his different sword intents together. The only obstacle was that his sword core was too small, and could only contain four kinds of sword intents at a time.

Since his sword intent got an immense upgrade, it was now possible for him to fuse more sword intents together.

While pondering this, Darren started to check his sword core's status.

"It's the same as before? It didn't grow bigger." The only thing that had changed in his sword core was the color—a glimmering purple and gold.

"Boy, what are you mumbling about?"

A voice suddenly echoed through. It was the man in Darren's heart.

"Huh? I thought you were dead already! What are you doing here?"

Since his escape that day, Darren had tried to communicate with this voice many times, to no avail. Darren decided that whatever talked to him that day was probably some kind of ghost or a spirit.

"That's a load of bull. I won't die, not eve

I'm going to melt," cried the dragon ancestor, choking back his tears.

Darren wordlessly infused more and more of the dragon blood aura and dragon blood into his heart.

"Sir, boss, my lord, it's my fault. I'll tell you everything you want to know. Just please spare me!" the dragon ancestor whimpered and begged.

"Humph! That sounds much better." Darren made a wicked smile of satisfaction and withdrew the dragon blood aura and dragon blood from his heart.

"Now tell me, what on earth is the sword intent of Infinite Stage and the sword-god core you were going on about?" Darren asked again.

This time, without any hesitation, the dragon ancestor told him everything he knew.

After listening intently, Darren finally got a good grasp on the idea.

Amongst the flurry of words the dragon ancestor spouted, the most useful information was actually very simple.

The so-called sword intent of Infinite Stage was another extreme level a martial artist could reach. Strictly speaking, Darren did not necessarily break any limits. He instead achieved another branch of extremeness.

Once his sword intent reached the heights of the Infinite Stage, his sword intent's strength would make him one of the most powerful warriors in the world.

As he was, his level was just not high enough yet. He was far from intimidating.

As for the sword-god core, this came as an unexpected surprise.

To Darren's knowledge, the highest level of sword core was the purple sword core. It turned out that there was a level above purple sword core which was much more amazing.

This higher level was similar to the "Immortal Character" crystal made by a rule cultivator.

This kind of sword core was also called the "Fake God Character." It was the essential foundation for a swordsman's journey into becoming a god!

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