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   Chapter 904 The Thief

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Everyone was amazed by the extraordinary skill used to freeze the thunder punishment. Wonder shone in their eyes.

After the thunder punishment solidified, the immortal slowly came forward. Her steps were cautious and measured.

Suddenly, a slap could be heard.

The immortal had struck the thunder tribulation with her palm.

Cracks grew on the surface of the frozen thunderbolt. They multiplied and grew until the entire thing shattered into pieces like glass.

The shards then turned into rays of scarlet aura. They flew into the immortal's hand, sinking into her body.

"Is she absorbing the thunder punishment?"

The Inner Fiend watched the scene unfold in complete awe. An indescribable feeling churned inside him. He was torn between admiration and jealousy.

The immortal carefully moved on to the next frozen thunderbolt and shattered it. And just like the first time, she absorbed the blood red aura into her body. She did this several more times.

From behind the tribulation cloud, a pair of silvery eyes peered back at the immortal.

It followed the immortal's every move. Its silvery light seemingly became more intense as the pair of eyes greedily watched.

Sensing that the pair of eyes were watching her, the immortal's face contorted in anger.

She unleashed a strand of rule force straight at the pair of eyes.

It ripped a hole in the sky and the earth shook. The entire air grew heavy with the turbulence of the rule force, gathering up its power. But instead of heading straight at its target, it veered off course and made its way towards the immortal. The eyes must have done something to divert its course.

"You dirty rat!" the immortal shouted.

From afar, Finley stared at the eyes with great bewilderment.

He would have known those pair of silver eyes anywhere because those were Darren's eyes.

As far as he knew, Darren had given those silvery eyes to his avatar before he split his soul into two. That could only mean one thing: Darren's avatar was here.

"It's our master's avatar! What is he doing here?" The Water Kylin had also recognized Darren's avatar. He turned to Finley, mirroring the same confused look on his face.

"I don't know, but I think he's trying to steal things from the immortal," Finley answered with a frown.

"What? How can he be so bold?" the Water Kylin exclaimed.

"Keep your voice down! We'll soon find out what he's up to anyway." Finley glared at the Water Kylin, successfully silencing him. The subject was immediately dropped.

The immortal hovered in the air. She was all poised and dangerous as a cold, piercing killing intent swirled around her. It was evident her aura was more intense than Mathew's killing sword intent.

Though the immortal's attack was terrifying to look at, it still wasn't powerful enough to finish off the silvery eyes. In fact, it resulted to an even stronger counterattack. The silvery eyes cast a rule force towards her, preventing her from absorbing more of the thunder punishment.

The damage would have been lethal to anyone, but it wouldn't be a big deal to an immortal.

She then let out her immortal ener

situation as Barnes.

But the temptation to assimilate Barnes had not faltered. He had been waiting for this chance for ages. He couldn't just let it go that easily.

After debating on this for a moment, he decided to plunge headfirst into danger. He would fight these people. After all, if he were to defeat one in a single blow, the others would soon follow the same fate. But if he ever failed, he could always find a chance to flee.

By quickly analyzing his opponents, he identified the mutated monkey as the weakest link.

"Good." He chuckled. It made him sound slightly unhinged, but he was satisfied with his target.

With a swish, he turned into a shadow, and rushed towards the mutated monkey.

"I just knew you would play dirty!" The Water Kylin snorted with contempt as he stepped forward to waylay the Inner Fiend's attack. He slashed at him with his claws.


Both the Water Kylin and the mutated monkey were thrown through the air by the Inner Fiend. Fortunately, neither of the two was badly hurt.

"Damn it!"

The Inner Fiend had lost his opportunity. His plan to kill the mutated monkey was derailed. Out of desperation, he turned to Finley.

He tried distracting his other enemies with his attacks, preventing them from unleashing their most prominent skills. He hoped this would buy him more time in taking them out one by one.

However, Finley had already seen right through his plans.

"The Space Cracks!" he shouted.

The whole space shifted.

It broke asunder, breaking off into formless regions that only Finley could navigate through with his high level Spatial Rule.

The Inner Fiend rained down a thousand continuous attacks at Finley, but it seemed like he could never get a hit on him. Every time, his punches only fell on a shadow that served as Finley's decoy.

"You are so greedy."

Finley's voice rang out as he began to chant another spell. A wave of light crested and swirled around the Inner Fiend.

A shout pierced through the air.

Horror dawned on the Inner Fiend as his last shred of hope slipped from his fingers.

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