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   Chapter 903 The Immortal Arrived

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Back in the space passage, Darren and Chaz could barely keep themselves upright as great pains wrack through their bodies.

As they began to fall, the bleak landscape rushed around them.

Eventually, their bodies hit the ground with a bang.

The impact broke several bones in their bodies.

"Huh. The ground here must be really hard. We barely even made a dent on it."

And indeed, even with Chaz wearing his black armor on, the ground appeared untouched. There were no cracks at all.

Darren gingerly sat up and crossed his legs. He began the process of healing by assimilating the spiritual energy. It was obvious how the space passage had done a number on his body.

In the end, it took him an hour to recover.

"What is this place?"

Darren looked around him. It was a barren land with dark clouds hanging forlornly overhead. A cold wind blew, disturbing the stillness of the place every once in a while, and brought a light drizzle. From afar, the pale yellow outlines of the mountains loomed over the horizon. It was as if this whole place had already withered.

"It's different from how Chandler's scrolls describe it to be."

The scrolls that Chandler gave to him had descriptions of all the cities. But he hadn't read anything that looked like this place.

"When we were passing through the channel, I think I heard someone saying that it's the wrong place... So maybe we are teleported to the wrong place?" Chaz murmured.

"I heard that, too, but I thought it was all just in my head," Darren admitted as he recalled what the old man had said.

"Well, that's it then. We've been sent to the wrong place," Chaz said. The disappointment in his voice was palpable. He had waited many years for a chance to enter the eighteen cities. But now, with just an unlucky accident, he wouldn't be able to fulfill his dreams.

"Don't worry. We still passed through the same passage that will lead us to the eighteen cities. Maybe we just landed on the wrong place," Darren said, trying to console his friend.

According to the scrolls, there were also some large desolate areas surrounding the eighteen cities. These places were said to be so dangerous that even the masters of the eighteen cities did not dare roam these lands.

Chaz started to feel a little bit better at Darren's reassurance.

"What should we do now?" Chaz asked.

"Let's just look around. Maybe we'll meet someone along the way who knows the way to the eighteen cities."


They got back on their feet and began their trek in the deserted area.

After a while, they were shocked to find a peculiar cro

ncible the immortal was to the point that no other creature in this continent could possibly stand a chance against her.

At the center of the forbidden area, the Inner Fiend stopped his attacks and looked up. He seemed surprised to see someone he wasn't expecting to see.

"Visitors from the outer space!" The Inner Fiend gritted his teeth in an attempt to hide his jealousy, but it still flashed through his eyes.

A loud explosion jolted the entire scene.

The thunder punishment rained down even more violently than before. A hundred rays of red light erupted simultaneously, shattering all the runes of the immortal.

It was so powerful that the immortal was fazed by it. She stepped back before it could even dart at her.

"Can't she block it anymore?"

Anxiety grew among the senior holy warriors as they watched. If she couldn't fight off the thunder punishment any longer, then the entire world would surely be destroyed.

But amid the violence, an octahedral crystal slowly emerged from the immortal's head.

It was a completely different crystal from Darren's avatar's and Barnes'.

Its brightness seemed to shine infinitely as if its light would never dim. Its majestic presence was definitely not from the mortal world.

It was obvious that the crystal had already reached the law level. Once it unleashed its full power, no one could stand in its way.

After all, the Lothlann Continent was only a mortal world. And as a mortal world, it conformed to the rules of nature. How could it possibly contend against law itself?

The crystal radiated the force of law. It swirled around the thunderbolts until it had them fully enveloped.

A moment later, the thunder punishment was all frozen into icy crystals.

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