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   Chapter 902 The Thunder Punishment Is Coming

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Barnes began to rack his brains for an answer to how the tribulation cloud was activated. But he couldn't seem to grasp it.

There should be a reason why the eighth tribulation came.

At first, the Water Kylin stood frozen in shock, but then, he recovered and quickly flew out of the forbidden area.

"Hey! Aren't you going to run for your life, too? Whatever's coming doesn't look so good," the Water Kylin shouted.

"Why bother? We can't escape here." Finley glared at him. He knew that no one could ever get away from the thunder punishment. As soon as it fell, everyone would be affected by it.

"Then let's just go back to the Raksa Sea," the Water Kylin urged on.

Chandler shook his head and said, "The Raksa Sea is attached to this land. Even if we go there now, the thunder punishment can still reach us. I'm afraid it's too late."

"So what should we do then? Should we just sit back and wait for death?"

Everyone fell silent. Fear brewed among them like a restless storm. At any moment now, it felt like it would surge and crest.

Barnes, on the other hand, was still deep in his own thoughts, trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, somebody appeared in the forbidden area.


Barnes had seemingly snapped out of his reverie and his eyes were trained at the figure in front of him.

But the Darren before him was expressionless. There was something cold about him in the way he strode towards the fiend's arm and ignored Barnes.

"Master, I have brought back a worthy man," he said.

"What kind of man are you talking about?" the fiend's arm asked.

A golden figure then appeared in front of them, interrupting the expressionless Darren before he could reply.

"My real body! Long time no see." Staring at Barnes, the figure grinned. His gold hair floated around him like a halo. It made him a heroic and valiant figure.

Suddenly, Barnes' face twisted into something ferocious.

He let out a howl.

"It's you! I should have known that you'll be back. Well, you're just in time, my Inner Fiend."

Barnes finally figured out how the tribulation cloud was activated.

It was impossible for him to trigger the eighth thunder punishment alone unless his Inner Fiend was with him and either one of them triggered it.

"Why do you still have so much resentment against me?" The Inner Fiend, on the other hand, remained composed and elegant in the face of Barnes' fury. His golden fur seemed unruffled by all these.

"I do not resent you. I just want to smash you into dust." The stick in Barnes' hand shook violently. It seemed to be egging for a fight.

"Don't be so anxious. Haven't you noticed that the thunder punishment is coming? Let's just put our grudges aside until the punishment ends, okay?" The Inner Fiend tried to be placating.

ould fully assimilate Barnes.

The time gap made the Inner Fiend hesitate and didn't dare to go all out. He had to stop Barnes from exploding himself.

"Hey! Calm down, will you? I promise that once we get through the heavenly tribulation, I will never be your enemy again," the Inner Fiend bargained as he used his own stick to block Barnes' attacks.

"Are you implying that I am afraid of death? Or that I am a coward?

I'm sorry to tell you this, but I'm not afraid of death, and I am most definitely not a coward!"

Barnes let out a mighty roar that seemed to reach deep inside the Inner Fiend. The latter began to panic.

"You guys, step back or else you will also be destroyed."

Fear began to settle over the first fiend ancestor as the thunder punishment drew even closer. And while he wouldn't die even if the thunder punishment struck his indestructible body, it would take him many years to recover from the hit. He couldn't afford to lose that much time as he didn't know when he would have another chance to escape from the forbidden areas.

"Stay out of this." Barnes gritted his teeth and hit the first fiend ancestor's arm with as much force as he could muster.

The fiend's arm howled in pain.

He just couldn't comprehend why Barnes was reacting this way.

A loud crack echoed through the sky, followed by another.

Dark red lighting snakes rained down from the void as the thunder punishment continued to churn. They filled the air with their heavy bodies, wriggling and tearing through the sky. They zigzagged across the clouds and landed heavily on the ground.

Dark clouds hovered over the forbidden area. A storm growled angrily inside it, gathering the darkness until everything was shrouded with gloom.

Imminent destruction was coming.

Countless creatures began prostrating on the ground, terrified of what was to come.

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