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   Chapter 901 The Eighth Tribulation Activated

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Chandler went up respectfully and asked, "You also know about Barnes, young friend?"

Finley gave him a small smile and replied, "I have beaten that filthy monkey more times than I can count. He knows what we can do to him. How dare he cause trouble again?"

"Hey, now. Don't get all cocky, Finley. When you went against each other, he was still very weak. I'm the only one who could beat him now!"

the Water Kylin said pointedly, staring at Finley.

Finley flinched and said nothing.

Inside, he was fuming. Powerful or not, this beast had no right to talk to him that way.

"Ha! In your dreams. You only have your power because you've been compatible with your ancestors' crystals. How dare you act so arrogantly?" Finley glared at the Water Kylin with contempt.

"Do you want me to beat you up to prove my strength?"

The Water Kylin bared his teeth and faced Finley.

"You crazy bastard..." Finley's face was tinged red with anger.

"Ahem." Luther let out a small cough. "As much as I hate to break up your little game, we have more pressing issues to address. We need to head to the forbidden area. The sooner we fix everything the better."

The Water Kylin relaxed his shoulders.

"You got off lightly this time, punk. Next time, it won't be so easy." The Water Kylin chuckled. Finley rolled his eyes at him.

"You guys wait here. I'll take care of that bastard Barnes first."

The Water Kylin stomped off to the forbidden area.

The senior holy warriors looked on in awe.

"I did not expect Darren to have friends as powerful as these..."

one of the senior holy warriors said. In addition to the terrifying legendary beast—the Water Kylin, there was also a legendary phoenix in Darren's team. This group was simply too formidable.

The rest of the men ignored him. It was the same senior holy warrior who had been blaming the people of the Sacred Palace moments ago, and no one wanted to talk to him now.

"Sir, should we go and see if the Water Kylin needs help?" Luther asked Chandler.

"No. There's not much that we can do. We'd best let the Water Kylin handle this on his own," Chandler said.

Luther nodded in agree

has actually come..." the monkey murmured.

The eighth tribulation!

When the crowd heard the mutated monkey's murmurs, they realized that Barnes was going through the eighth tribulation.

In history, the strongest tribulation holy warrior had only survived up until the eighth tribulation. If Barnes lived through this, there was no telling how powerful he would become!

In the forbidden area.

The Water Kylin stopped attacking and looked up at the cloud, stunned.

Barnes was also confused. He didn't expect that he would be able to activate the eighth tribulation so quickly.

'This is impossible. I won't make it! What's going on?'

Barnes trembled all over, terrified at the appearance of the vortex.

Even in his prime, He had little chance of surviving the eighth tribulation.

In the face of such a forceful tribulation, his Golden Indestructible Body was but a mere joke.

The cloud grew thicker and thicker and the vortex seemed to burn even brighter.

"That's impossible!" Barnes bit his lip. He sent a telepathic message to the fiend. 'What the hell are you up to? Why did you activate the thunder punishment?'

"I'm trying to help you get stronger but this wasn't my doing! Someone else did this!"

The fiend's cold voice echoed through Barnes's mind.

The fiend was also terrified. Even at his strongest state, he wouldn't be able to bear such a terrifying thunder punishment. Something was amiss.

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