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   Chapter 900 Everybody Came Back

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Darren and Chaz stood in front of a stone wall. This was the passage to the eighteen cities.

The noise outside was getting louder, which made Darren feel restless.

"Darren, why don't we go and help Chandler?" Chaz said.

"No need." Darren shook his head. "There are already so many holy warriors there. Let's just get into the eighteen cities."

"The human race always has so many troubles," Chaz sighed.

One day later, a vortex suddenly appeared in front of the stone wall. The face of an old man came out of the vortex.

"Are you Darren from the Sacred Palace?" the old man asked.

"Yes, I am."

"Show me your token," the old man said.

Darren took out the token given to him by Chandler. The old man examined it carefully and used magic to probe it.

"Alright. You may come in."

"Thank you, sir."

Darren and Chaz stepped into the vortex together. Suddenly, they were hit by a wave of dizziness. Their vision blurred and everything went black.

"Ouch!" Chaz suddenly cried out in pain. "I feel like I'm being torn apart!"

Darren's face was pale as he felt his bones cracking with the force.

If the force got any stronger, Darren would have to use the light red liquid.

"Oh, no!" The old man gasped. "It turns out that I sent you to the wrong place! It will be too dangerous!"

Back at the forbidden area, more than a dozen senior holy warriors attacked Barnes.

The fiend's arm released a large amount of fiendish aura, which again weakened the suppressing force in Barnes's body and increased his strength.


Barnes's eyes darkened and his fiendish nature was so powerful that all the senior holy warriors could hardly resist it.

"Chandler, use your life vitality to help us!"

a warrior who was as powerful as a half-step emperor pleaded when he saw Chandler fly in.

"I'm on it!"


e ancestor of martial arts cultivators. It's your duty to protect the human territory from invasion. Shouldn't we blame you if something goes wrong?"

Chandler was crestfallen.

These reclusive cultivators had no respect for the Sacred Palace.

Now that there was a crisis, they all blamed the Sacred Palace.

"Old man, who do you think you are? How dare you criticize the Sacred Palace?"

A voice boomed out.

Surprised, all the senior holy warriors turned their heads and saw a group of people.

Luther was walking ahead of the group. Two young men clad in white stood at his side.

"Who are they?"

All the senior holy warriors frowned.

Chandler was surprised. He only knew one of the young men. He was called Scott.

There were more figures behind the three men: a golden and red kylin, a beautiful woman, and a monkey.

A strong aura emanated from the group.

"They are friends of Darren. We just came back from the Raksa Sea," Luther replied.

"Welcome!" Chandler greeted them with a smile.

"I hear that that damn monkey is making trouble again. Where is he?" Finley asked.

If Darren were here, he would be surprised at Finley's new aura.

He would also be shocked at seeing the Water Kylin.

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