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   Chapter 897 A Deal Fulfilled

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Chaz made his way out of the yard after Luther. There were preparations to be made before entering the eighteen cities.

Darren returned to his room and went through the scroll Chandler gave him. His eyes scanned over the various details intently.

"The eighteen cities seem to have many powerful forces."

The extent of this power was a shock to Darren. The scroll described tens of thousands of forces of varying sizes within the eighteen cities. The weakest forces were guarded by senior holy warriors. Their power was truly immense.

The eighteen cities were governed by the eighteen most powerful forces. Every city's size was about as big as a small world.

The heads of these forces were as strong as a half-step emperor at the top level. Without a doubt, their strength was not to be messed with.

Besides, there were also some invisible forces lurking about in the dark.

'The Chaotic Blade Restaurant specializes in training mercenaries who have the ability to use the Shadow Rule.

There are not many people in the Ice Land, but they are not to be underestimated. Within their ranks is someone who could kill a half-step emperor at the top level in a heartbeat.'

Darren read through the cities one by one, taking in every detail. He found that a great number of masters resided within them. A smirk started to rise up on his face.

"Looks like a visit to this place would be worth our while." Darren put away the scroll with his smirk remaining. An air of excitement filled the room.

In the forbidden area around the Hiram the Great's mighty halberd, several teams of law enforcers were patrolling around, covering one hundred square kilometers. Overseeing them were several senior holy warriors.

"Any strange activity to report?"

inquired one of the law enforcers. He was an inferior holy warrior at the peak.

"Captain, the surroundings have been peaceful. Nothing to report," replied his subordinate.

"Good. Keep your eyes open for any unusual activity and report it to me if anything goes wrong."

"Yes, sir." The subordinate then continued his patrol, as commanded.

In the middle of the forbidden area, stood a black monkey under the halberd of Hiram the Great.

In front of him, lay an arm drenched in blood. A dark red aura seemed to be flowing out of the arm.

"Say, why don't you put that weapon away?"

whispered a cold and sinister voice into the black monkey's ears. It was coming from the arm.

The monkey hopped onto the halberd and peered at the view below. "Patience. You only dispelled one tenth of the suppressing force in my body. It's too soon for you to come out."

"You were the one who pro


"Wait, you can't! If the fiend that released that dreadful aura assimilates you, he will lash out. We'd better ask Chandler to come along."

"You're right. Let's go report this to him." They made haste in sending Chandler a message.

Chandler arrived right away, but by the time he had gotten there the fiendish aura had dissipated.

"What happened?"

"Sir, there was a rumble in the forbidden area just now and a fiendish aura washed over. We were worried of what could happen, and so we decided to call you to inspect it with us."

Chandler listened while nodding slowly with a dark look on his face. He had an idea of what this could have been.

After a moment of silence, he took out a mysterious pill from a summoned spatial treasure and gulped it down.

His eyes suddenly flashed with light. He could see through the black fog in the area, and his gaze zoomed in on the area around the halberd of Hiram the Great.

What he saw made him tremble with fear. A cold sweat ran over him.

Within his vision was a monstrous black monkey. His sharp teeth shown, and there was a surge of a ferocious aura. More importantly, the monkey was trying to dislodge the halberd of Hiram the Great.

A sizzling crack of electricity could be heard.

The black monkey then sensed that someone was watching him.

Chandler immediately averted his gaze, as not to be noticed. His heart began to race, but he had to look calm in front of the warriors.

"Sir, did you find anything unusual? The source, perhaps?"

"None of the sort. All areas are clear. Continue your patrol here, and do not summon me unless it's important." Chandler gulped after he said this. He could not let them know that a terrible threat was nearby.

Chandler then left with great haste.

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