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   Chapter 894 Get The Corpse Successfully

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It seemed like the red lightning had entered Darren's bones and flesh. Now, he could feel nothing but pain enveloping his whole body.

The Misty Emperor looked at his current predicament in satisfaction.

"You almost killed me last time. Now I will end you once and for all!"

The Misty Emperor then released another soul attack. It descended around the tall platform as red lightning frantically attacked any creature closest to it.

This was the reason why he had lured Darren there.

Bolts of red lightning cackled menacingly in the stone chamber.

Together, they formed a nebula-like vortex that circled around Darren.

As soon as the lightning struck, his body would perish like smoke. No matter what he did now, there would be no escape.

"Phew!" It terrified him to think that the force of the red lightning was no less powerful than the thunder punishment.

A horrible rumble ran through the air.

The swirling nebula around Darren darted towards him all of a sudden.

To counter the attack, he hastily gathered the power of the Shura Force. A bloody red light burst out of him and painted the whole stone chamber scarlet with its light.

Even if the Misty Emperor was in his soul-state, he was still affected by the bloody light.


The Misty Emperor suddenly cried out in pain. His soul was being torn apart until great cracks formed on it. The severe pain he was suffering from was enough to distract him from Darren's conditions.

Amid the red light, a lightning struck at Darren, but to his surprise, he didn't feel it sting at all.

In fact, it seemed to have flown through his meridians and went straight to his elixir field.

And when it reached his elixir field, his violent breath immediately attempted to quell it.

The blade and sword cores began to spin simultaneously until they burst out to charge towards the red lightning.


Sharp pain stabbed Darren's belly and he spurted out blood instantly.

The blade and sword intents dispersed in the air without doing any damage to the lightning. This resulted in the pyramid in his elixir field spinning and spewing out a large amount of olive-black force. It swirled around the red lightning. But the force cowered back each time it dared touch the red lightning.

With nothing in its way, the red lightning broke itself into two. One separated force fell inside the dark crystal while the other went inside the primitive spear in his elixir field.

Darren let out a loud roar.

It was difficult to tell whether it was because of the pain he was suffering or because of his newly refreshed state.

One thing was sure, though. His Dark Force and Primitive Fighting Force had grown tremendously.

The process didn't take lo

e Ring. Maybe I should transfer them to the Ancient Void Battlefield as well?" Darren pondered on this for a while.

Back when Darren and his companions were imprisoned, he did not dare hide Scott and the others in the Ancient Void Battlefield for fear that it might collapse under their sheer force. After all, Scott and the others were all senior holy warriors. Their powers, when combined, would be too much to bear.

Since Darren's cultivation base was only at the junior holy warrior's level, the Ancient Void Battlefield wasn't quite stable. It didn't matter how strong he was because the Ancient Void Battlefield was only dependent on his cultivation base level.

And anyway, Scott and the others were tortured by the soul attacks, and they would suffer great pains for the rest of their life if he didn't beat them to a near-death state.

"Never mind. It's not safe for them to enter the cave. There's too much spiritual energy in the Ancient Void Battlefield. If the energe heals their wounds and they wake up by themselves, their souls might end up getting tortured again."

With that, he decided not to transfer his companions into the cave. He just had to find a way to escape from here and find a powerful rule cultivator to save them from the soul attack.

Packing up, he flew out of the cave.

He cruised over the vast land, urging himself to go as fast as he could along the way he had come.

It didn't take long for him to get out of the Space-time Palace and reach where Chaz was waiting.

But as he came nearer to Chaz, a dreadful sensation filled Darren. There were two old, blue-skinned men beside Chaz. They seemed to be interrogating him.

Darren stood back to analyze their breath only to find out that they were close to being half-step emperors.


Darren smiled mysteriously.

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