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   Chapter 890 Entering The River By Accident

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The strange stone in Darren's soul only changed a third, but it appeared that the one third was a dodecahedral crystal. Upon examining the crystals of this sort, he understood that they could be used to attack.

For example, when Darren saw his avatar's hexahedral crystal for the first time, he found that it could activate the rule force. Roc Demon Emperor's crystal could be used in the same way.

'This strange stone in my soul is also a crystal, or a Fake God Character. I should be able to use it to activate the rule force, ' thought Darren.

'But how exactly do I use it?'

Previously, Darren had not concerned himself with this matter, but he was curious now. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about it.

Even as Darren mulled this over, the strange stone began to spin, seemingly of its own power.

A pleasant buzz sounded in his ears as the rotation picked up speed.

Faster and faster it went, and Darren's soul began to feel lighter, even weightless, and more at ease.

The buzzing sound was swallowed up by claps of thunder.

Lightning flashed within Darren's soul as the strange stone detached itself and slowly began to float out of him.

At the same time, the magma arrow was still approaching Darren, suffused with frightening power.

Darren had no doubt that he would die if the arrow struck him.

But just then, the black stone emerged from his head and hung suspended in midair.

The whole underground world went still, as though time itself was frozen.

The magma arrow, too, was halted, stopping inches from Darren's heart.

One thousand feet away, the holy emperor's soul was likewise rooted in place. The ferocious expression on his face began to twist in dismay, as if he had seen something extremely horrible.


You are..."

He paused for a moment. Then, suddenly, the holy emperor's soul roared and began to back away.

But he didn't get far.

A high-speed stream of what seemed to be magma blasted into him. The force slowed the holy emperor's soul down. As the seconds passed, it even seemed to be pulling him back toward Darren.

"No! How can this be possible?!"

the soul cried out hysterically.

Darren stood where he was, observing with awe and not a little fear. He felt a great and exotic power bursting out from the strange rotating stone before him.

"This power seems to be a level higher than that of the Emperor Realm!" Darren exclaimed to himself.

Indeed, the flow of magma triggered by the strange stone seemed to be irresistible.

However, Darren still couldn't control the strange stone. As if to drive this point home, its power abruptly disintegrated and vanished in a flash.

Not wasting a moment, the holy emperor's soul gasped with relief and fl

could use his spiritual sense again. Releasing it now, he used it to scan the area tens of thousands of kilometers ahead.

"So many powerful beings here!" he exclaimed.

This finally confirmed his conjecture. He was indeed in the River of Forgetfulness.

Darren's heart leaped at the thought. There were many secrets in that ancient and mysterious river that even the witcher couldn't reach.

Still flying along and marveling over this discovery, Darren was caught off guard when he smacked his head against something very solid.

It stopped him cold. As he clutched his skull while waiting for the pain to fade, he found that whatever he'd run into was invisible.

'What's this?' he wondered, frowning. 'Some kind of restriction. I can't seem to move forward.'

Nevertheless, his curiosity continued to drive him.

Darren thought at first that he would just break through the barrier with sheer brute strength.

Unfortunately, he found the restriction totally impregnable to him.

"Oh, I can't pass. That sure is disappointing," he mumbled to himself.

He had sensed that there were many ancient senior holy warriors ahead of him, but he was unable to go and explore this secret area. He could hardly have been more unhappy.

Darren released his spiritual sense again. However, something was interfering with it.

'Wow. It looks like there's a total of eighteen restrictions!' Darren observed, counting them.

'Wait a minute! It seems that there's somebody in the twelfth one.' Indeed, he remembered then that when he had first detected the barriers, there had been a vague human figure there in the midst of the restrictions.

He used his spiritual sense again and began to inspect the twelfth restriction more closely than before.

What Darren found left him stunned with anger and bitterness.

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