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   Chapter 888 The Holy Emperor's Soul

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The fierce roar sent a bone-chilling sensation that dug deep into the core of the man in black armor. The shock he felt was comparable to the feeling of being shattered into pieces. Even Darren's insides churned as the holy emperor's power inside his body had already faded.

Flustered, Darren fumbled and hastily swallowed another drop of the red liquid.

"Chaz, take the Misty Emperor away and hide at the edge of the forbidden domain," he barked at his companion.

Chaz blinked, bewildered by the order. "What? But what about you?"

"Don't you feel my aura?" Darren calmly asked.

Only then did Chaz realize. So, he nodded slowly. "I understand. You have the holy emperor's power..."

After that, Chaz immediately took the Misty Emperor and flew towards the edge of the forbidden domain.

A pair of bright eyes suddenly appeared in front of Darren.

"Who are you?" Darren demanded. The aura emanating from the dark was no weaker than that of his.

He still found it hard to believe that there was really a top half-step emperor dwelling in this forbidden domain.

After the bright eyes had stared at Darren for a while, the ferocity in the eyes had somehow diminished.

A translucent and unkempt figure walked out of the darkness.

"You have my aura." His voice was cold and dry, tinged with a bit of ruthlessness.

"What do you mean by that? I have never met you before. If I have offended you, please forgive me. If there's nothing else, I'll be taking my leave," Darren replied politely.

After all, the quantity of the liquid he had was limited and the aura of the figure in front of him was very strong. Darren was afraid that the liquid would be consumed and he would not be able to win if he were to fight against him. If that would be the case, Darren would be in danger.


There was a strong gust of wind and all of a sudden, the man's translucent figure was standing right in front of Darren.

"What? Do I have to fight against you?" Darren shot a cold glance at the figure.

The man did not say a word but instead struck his palm directly at Darren.

The space between his palms collapsed and the rule silk threads that connected the space appeared to be tearing apart.

It was the first time that Darren had seen such a powerful palm.

'Seems like this man's power is close to Primitive Emperor's!' Darren compared in his mind.

However, he had no choice but to take up the gauntlet. The blood light on his body soared and he balled his hands into fists and punched back.

The rule silk threads that were destroyed transformed into a power that was tens o

e to check in person. The resentful soul should not be able to break through the sealing power. If we rashly go there, there's a possibility that we will inadvertently help him, which is the exact opposite of what we want."

"But if the Misty Emperor did meet the resentful soul, he would probably have the same end as his father."

"I don't care what his fate would be. He is just a useless dud. I couldn't care less whether he dies or not," the blue-skinned man in front coldly stated.

"Yes, senior."


Soon after the blue-skinned men finished their discussion, a strong wave of power surged in the depths of the hall.

The entire hall was in turmoil, almost nearing the brink of collapse.

"Damn it! There's a strange sound coming from the five-dimensional space!"

With that one single detection, the blue-skinned men already knew what had happened.

"The holy emperor's corpse is the original body of the resentful soul—they're inextricably linked to each other. With the deep connection between the soul and his original body, there's a great chance that the corpse will be able to break through the shackles. Let's go there quickly!"

The old men faded and integrated into the air.

The next moment, they emerged in a bright, isolated, transparent space, in the center of which were eighteen black iron chains, locking in place a cold body as cold as an abyss.

The body trembled, making the whole space tremble along with it. The tremendous power frightened the blue-skinned men to their very cores.

"The body of the genuine emperor is immensely powerful!"

"Take action. Suppress its power."

The several men joined hands and activated an unknown rule force to press down along the black iron chain.

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