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   Chapter 887 In Exchange For A Life

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Darren's body turned crimson as he activated the holy emperor's power. A circle of seven-colored haloes appeared with his figure standing dead center. His appearance was that of a deity.

The Misty Emperor fell to the ground, wincing in pain from his injuries.

Darren approached him step by step. It was as if a bright and blood-red star was approaching the Misty Emperor. His eyes burned at the sight.


The Misty Emperor's face twisted in pain.

Just a few months back, he had almost killed the fiercest black monkey, Barnes the Holy, with the Space-Time Collapse Skill. Now, he couldn't believe that a human boy managed to destroy this powerful skill.

"Please, let me go."

As he was at death's door, the Misty Emperor relented.

"Let you go? What was it again that you were trying to do to me just now?" Darren retorted coldly. His eyes were sharply fixed on the Misty Emperor.

It was obvious that the Misty Emperor had just tried to kill him.

"I didn't really want to kill you! It was a bluff. I simply wanted to gauge your power," the Misty Emperor explained hastily. His voice was beginning to stagger.

"Haha," Darren sneered. "Alright, let's say you don't want to kill me. Instead, you just want to capture and torment my soul, right?"

The Misty Emperor knew there was no convincing Darren at this point. He pondered for a moment, as his life was at stake. Finally, he asked plainly, "What should I do for you to release me? I will give you anything you want, just spare me, please!"

"Sorry, I don't need anything from the likes of you."

Darren raised a clench fist and punched straight into the Misty Emperor's chest. He bore a hole into the dying man's body. One could almost see his rapidly beating heart inside.

"Please don't kill me, Darren! Have mercy!" The Misty Emperor screamed. His voice began to crack, as the fear of death welled up inside of him.

"If you spare me, I can give you the holy emperor's corpse and tell you how to resurrect it. You already have the dark-spirit crystals, so this will be easy for you. Then, you'll have a genuine emperor for a guard! Isn't that great? You could take over the world with that kind of power," the Misty Emperor said in a trembling voice.

Darren withdrew his hand, slowly. The Misty Emperor winced again from the pain, but a glimmer of hope seemed to appear in his eyes.

Darren was slowly getting convinced. If he had a genuine emperor for a guard, then he could handle the first fiend ancestor assuming it would escape one day. The first fiend ancestor was trapped for so many years it couldn't possibly be at full strength when it escaped.

Darren knew this was for the good of the human race.

"How can I be sure you'll keep your word?"

The Misty Emperor was bargaining for his life, after a

ret shortcut to the five-dimensional space. The chain can be unlocked with my lord token. You have to believe me. I wouldn't risk something as important as my life on a simple lie."

The Misty Emperor was in fact, telling the truth. The holy emperor's corpse was not as important to him as his life.

"What do you think, Darren?" Chaz Qiu asked.

"Okay, we can trust him for now. But we can't lower our guard. Watch over him for me, Chaz. The moment he regains some of his strength, punch him really hard, but don't kill him."

This was the reason Darren had asked for Chaz to be summoned.

"Got it,"

Chaz replied. He then punched the Misty Emperor hard in the stomach. A bloody, wheezing cough escaped him. The Misty Emperor looked pitifully soaked in his own blood.

"Nice work!" Chaz had choked down the insults and humiliation for all those years. He finally had the chance to release all his frustrations with the Misty Emperor.

The Misty Emperor laid limp and unconscious. He was hit so hard that he could hardly open his eyes.

"Now that's settled. What should we do next?

In the Space-Time Palace are some of the Misty Emperor's companions. They're all about his level in power, but from what I know if they combine forces, their strength is comparable to the strongest half-step emperor. This is not going to be an easy feat for us,"

said Chaz Qiu, eager for Darren's opinion.

"Don't worry. I have some secret skills up my sleeve. Not even the strongest half-step emperor can kill me," Darren replied confidently. Since the Misty Emperor had been taken care of, Darren was about to get out of the forbidden domain together with him and Chaz Qiu.


All of a sudden, a shadow creature struck through the sky and towards Darren.

"What? Is that the holy emperor's power?"

Darren's heart sank in dread upon hearing the sound.

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