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   Chapter 885 The Nameless Drops

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The Misty Emperor used the runes to boost his speed, surpassing even the restrictions of space. Now, he moved as if he was teleporting.

Darren, on the other hand, followed the instructions of the black-armored man and fled north. As soon as he reached the gorgeous land, he noticed the looming darkness ahead.

'That should be the forbidden domain the black-armored man mentioned, ' he thought.

Without hesitation, Darren dashed towards it.

But suddenly, a blue-skinned man appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

With the long spear in his hand, he stabbed the earth. It pierced through the soft ground, leaving a horrible crack.

Darren's dark gold internal force surged wildly.

"You brat! Do you really think you can just get pass me while I guard the outer perimeter of the forbidden domain?"

Despite sensing Darren's terrifying aura, the blue-skinned man still put up a tough front by being as intimidating as he could.

The dark gold internal force reached out to the blue-skinned man until he was covered with it entirely. But Darren knew that it was harmless. He turned into a shadow and charged at the other man.

Blood red light burst out from the void.

It shone bright and painted area scarlet.

And amid that explosion of color, a head was tossed out.

It was the blue-skinned man who was as powerful as a medium senior holy warrior. In just one blow, Darren managed to kill him. The poor man didn't even know what hit him before dying.

Darren assimilated the man's talent and jumped back into the gloom.

"Damn human brat, do you think you can escape?"

Thunder rumbled angrily in the sky. And from a distance, a colorful halo descended upon the land. It was the Misty Emperor.

His unparalleled aura fell heavily upon Darren who immediately felt its suppressing force.

'I must escape!' Darren knew that he could not stand a chance against the Misty Emperor. If he got caught this time, he wouldn't be able to get away again.

Nonetheless, he tried to stay firm against the onslaught of the Misty Emperor's pressure.

'The forbidden domain has completely blocked my spiritual sense. I can't detect anything at all, ' Darren thought. But then, he was overjoyed by this because it meant the Misty Emperor would have difficulty in locating him in the darkness.


Beyond the darkness, the colorful halo landed. The light slowly faded to reveal the Misty Emperor.

He had a ferocious look on his face. It was as if he desired to rip Darren

reddened tips. They seemed to be drops from the bloody river.

'What could it be?'

The only thing Darren knew was that the stone somehow manifested those red beams of light. However, he had no idea of their possible effects.

Darren's soul reached out to touch those drops.

When suddenly, a drop of liquid fell unto it.


Darren shouted as a mighty, overwhelming force pervaded his soul.

A power so cold and ruthless immediately filled him to the brim. He felt like he had transformed into an entirely different person.

It was as if he could smash the world in two with just one hand if he wanted to.

"This feeling... This reminds me of my dream." Wide-eyed, he recalled the sensation he had while he was trapped inside one of his dreams. There, he became an invincible master. While he may be feel powerful now, his dream version was still stronger than he currently was.

But a few minutes later, Darren could feel the powerful force receding.

And just like that, it had dissipated.

In the darkness, the Misty Emperor was getting nearer to where Darren was. His determination pushed him to go faster.

He faltered when he sensed something in the air. He shivered.

'Damn it! Did the human brat trigger the holy emperor's soul? I can feel its power surging through the air.'

Fear and doubt clouded the Misty Emperor's mind. He wouldn't dare offend anyone with such formidable strength in the forbidden domain.

He remembered how his father, one of the strongest half-step emperors in the realm, was severely injured by that thing. His old man eventually died. And now, he didn't want to thread the same path as his father's.

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