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   Chapter 884 Discovered

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Five days later, the black-armored man found an opportunity to sneak away from the Misty Emperor. He appeared at the cave where Darren was imprisoned.

"Darren, where are the others?"

The black-armored man was surprised to find that the others had disappeared.

"I beat them to a near-death state and put them in my Space Ring."

"What? !" The black-armored man was shocked.

"They are not dead. There is still a chance to save them," Darren explained with a shrug.

The black-armored man was speechless. And so, he nodded and said, "So that's how it is. I agree that this is the only way to protect them. Now, are we ready to escape?"

"That's the plan." Darren nodded.

"Great! I've been waiting for this day, for a long time! Finally, I will be free!" The black-armored man was so excited that his voice began to tremble.

Darren didn't know what to say. He knew that his lie would eventually be discovered. Until then, it was perhaps best not to tell the black-armored man.

"Have you already planned the escape route?" Darren asked when the silence began to gnaw at him.

"Yes! When we escape from the Space-time Palace, you'll help me to cut off the Soul Control Skill, okay?" The black-armored man smiled as he patted Darren's shoulder.

Aware that he couldn't do what the black-armored man had requested, Darren just nodded silently.

"Let's go!" The black-armored man's eyes sparkled with the excitement coursing through him.

As he had mastered a way to open the prison cave, he safely took Darren outside.

Haloes of varied, dazzling light illuminated the sky. Darren was awe-struck with the beautiful scene.

"This place is full of time traps. Once you fall in, you will never get out. Follow me closely," the black-armored man warned Darren.

"I understand."

When they flew past some colorful vortexes, Darren could feel the traces of time.

As they continued their journey forward, they met no obstacles, not even a guard.

After a while, a huge black vortex appeared before them.

"Once we fly into the vortex, we will have escaped the Space-time Palace."

The black-armored man stopped and gaped at the black vortex. Hope blossomed in his heart as the thrill of freedom coursed through him.


Unable to contain his excitement, the black-armored man headed for the vortex at his fastest speed.

"Why are you standing still? Hurry up! We will die if he finds out." The black-armored man urged Darren, who was staring blankly at the vortex.

"Uh." Darren nodded as he followed the blac

igure appeared before the black-armored man.

"What happened?" The handsome man's voice was full of killing intent as he questioned.

"Master, he escaped." The black-armored man bowed his head as he hovered in the air.

"How dare you betray me?"

the Misty Emperor shouted before he lashed out at the black-armored man. The mighty attack hit him straight in the chest.

"I wouldn't dare to betray you, master." The black-armored man's heart spasmed as tremendous agony coursed through him. However, he still forced himself to kneel before the Misty Emperor.

At this moment, he felt inferior, but to live and to take his revenge, he knew he had to bear it.

"You wouldn't dare? If you hadn't betrayed me, how could he have escaped? Answer me!" Runes burst forth and hovered threateningly above the black-armored man as the Misty Emperor shouted.

"One of those five captives had a magic soul weapon. The weapon injured me and allowed them to escape,"

the black-armored man lowered his gaze as he explained.

The Misty Emperor had dominated his soul. He released his spiritual sense to probe the man's soul. He discovered that there was no lie in the black-armored man's soul waves.

"Humph! Come with me and redeem yourself!"

Hearing this, the black-armored man knew that he had once again survived.

"Yes, master." The black-armored man struggled to stand straight. Then, with trembling feet, he took a step forward.


The Misty Emperor kicked him.

"You piece of junk! Get out!" He was furious when he saw that the black-armored man was unable to stand.


The Misty Emperor transformed into colorful runes and flew in the direction Darren had taken.

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