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   Chapter 846 The Miners

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The longer Barnes the Holy stayed inside the pot, the more he began to boil with rage.

The men who caught him were martial artists at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, but they didn't seem to have fiendish nature. Thus, Barnes couldn't use his own fiendish nature to suppress his captors.

The shame of being stewed inside a pot was unbearable, and it made him all the more livid. If people found out about this, he would die of embarrassment.

The men looked up when Darren suddenly stepped out of the forest. They greeted him warmly.

"Oh, young man, it's such a pleasure to see you here. Let's have some soup together."

Darren smiled and walked over them.

Upon seeing him, Barnes could no longer hold himself back. "Darren, you are here! Kill these people right now! How dare they put me in the pot and boil me!"

But the men simply laughed at him. "Oh, don't mind him. This black monkey has been talking nonsense for a while now. He keeps calling himself 'the Holy.' Ha-ha. What does that even mean?"

"One thing's right, though. You are an unlucky monkey and we are all starving."

"Ah, I haven't been home for ten years now. When will we finish mining anyway? I hope we'll still be alive to get home at this point."

"We'll definitely get back to our homes, alive. So let's have a big meal first."

"Come here, buddy. Sit down and wait for the soup to boil."

Darren took the empty seat beside the men. The iron pot was just across him.

"Darren, are you blind? Can't you see how upset I am?" Barnes kept hollering.

The men turned to look at Darren, looking sheepish and embarrassed.

"Buddy, is this black monkey your pet?"

Darren spared a glance at the black monkey, who was looking more and more annoyed by the second. "No, I haven't seen this monkey before. He probably had just made up that name."

"I knew it. The monkey is so cunning.

Bro, go and shut him up or he'll talk our ears off. Oh, don't forget. Let's put a lid on the pot."

"Got it."

Stripping a piece of cloth, one of the men stood up and gagged the black monkey's mouth shut. Then, he cut a piece of the towering tree and turned it into a lid for the pot.

Casually, Darren asked, "Hey buddies, why do you boil this monkey anyway?"

"We have no other choice, you see. We have been mining here for so many years and have consumed too much of our spiritual energy. We need to eat to replenish it, and then we found this monkey, so now here we are."

"This monkey would help us replenish our spiritual energy

this to me? You even pretended that you don't know me while I was being boiled alive?! I'm leaving. Goodbye."

With one last glare, Barnes flew up in the air, landing on a tall tree, and then jumping on to another, and then another, until he was gone.

Darren shook his head and ignored him.

But Barnes hadn't really left yet. He was simply lying on a big tree, keeping his sharp eyes trained on one direction. Gentle black smoke floated from his head.

'It almost ruined my plans, but it turns out my business is just over there, ' Barnes thought.

Darren was talking with the men.

The men were all kneeling down in front of him.

"Sir, can you truly save us?"

Darren lifted them gently back to their feet. "Of course, now get up."

The men were thrilled to hear such confidence from him. They couldn't believe their luck to have stumbled upon such a strong man.

"Very well. Come with us, sir."

They led the way to the mines with Darren following right behind them. They stopped when the ground beneath them turned brown-red.

The terrain was steep, gradually leading them to some mountains where dozens of caves were dug out.

Thousands of martial artists trudged along the caves. All of them were busy carrying out ores to and fro the caves.

"Sir, we have arrived." An air of apprehension stirred over them. They couldn't help but wonder how Darren could possibly defeat their blue-skinned captors. If he failed, all of them would be executed.

In their hearts, they prayed that it would not come to that.

Suddenly, Darren dashed towards the mine.


His presence alerted the guards. The alarms were raised.

"Someone is breaking in!"

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