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   Chapter 832 Talking Too Much Nonsense

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The dragon's roar was deafening.

The toad touched Darren's heart. As long as he exerted even a little force, Darren would surely die.

But at that critical moment, Darren noticed that the long spear of the ancient senior holy warrior was also flying towards him.

"Go to hell!"

The toad let out a sinister laugh and began to pierce Darren's heart with his sharp claws.

Darren realized that it was too late for him to retreat. He decided to take a more risky move and leaned his huge body forward forcefully to fight back.

"He must be out of his mind! How dare he take the initiative to get closer to me?" The toad was furious.


Darren was in severe pain. He felt a third of his heart had been excruciatingly pierced through.

"Damn it!" The toad let out a curse. Darren took the initiative to come closer, so that the toad could not seize his heart completely. However, the lower half of his heart was punctured instead.

"Humph! Do you think you can escape from my attack that easily?" The toad's claw was still stuck in Darren's chest. If he raised his hand for a few inches, he could easily kill Darren.

However, something frightening happened. Because Darren had moved forward, the spear of the senior holy warrior continued to dash towards the toad directly.


When the toad came to his senses, the spear had already gotten closer and closer to him.


The toad's head instantly exploded into a mist of blood.

The spear continued to move ahead and went straight at Darren's heart.


Suddenly, a stick with runes flashed in Darren's chest.

The spear collided with the stick and was immediately recoiled.

Trying to escape from death, Darren rolled backward and fell into the scarlet magma.


A figure seemed to step out of the darkness.

Everyone looked at him.

"Monkey..." Caroline murmured as she saw the creature.

However, she felt that the monkey was a little strange. It was different from usual, and had black hair on his body.

Darren flew out of the magma and turned into his human form.

There was a horrible hole in his chest, and his broken heart was faintly visible.

"Monkey, thank you so much." Darren's face turned deathly pale as he struggled to fly in the air.

"Of course. If it weren't for me, you brat would have died." The black-haired monkey looked like a hooligan as he shook his legs an

nd. However, he was able to hide his true emotions.

"Barnes the Holy, hurry up. We are running out of time," a voice urged him in his mind.

"OK. I got it. You are so naggy," Barnes roared. With a flash, he raised his stick and dashed towards the ancient senior holy warrior in the stone platform.

The stick was so powerful that a gust of strong wind rolled up and shook the stone platform apart. It almost fell down and crushed the head of the senior holy warrior.

"Oh my god. Time's up."

Halfway through the stick hit, the horrible power that came along with it suddenly faded away like the tide.


The stick fell on the head of the ancient senior holy warrior gently, as if a wooden stick had struck a stone.

The monkey's body were suddenly divided into two parts. One had gray hair, while the other had black hair and looked ferocious.

"I'm sorry that I have talked too much nonsense, bro. You can handle the next part. I have to go now."

After some dry coughs, Barnes the Holy glided away and exited the abyss. However, he flew so slow as molasses. The people who witnessed the scene were all speechless.

"Damn it!"

A bloody light burst out from the eyes of the ancient senior holy warrior.


He rushed to reach the black monkey and grabbed him before he could get away.

"Kill me! Just kill me!" The senior holy warrior was so angry that he was lost for words.

"Come on! I was just kidding! I hate dealing with people like you. You are so easily irritated."

Barnes had a look of disdain on his face.

"Please help me. Be quick!" Barnes said sadly.

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