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   Chapter 831 A Sneak Attack

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"No, this is not Darren!" When the monkey had sensed the aura of the Darren lying on the ground, he realized that it was different.

Barnes the Holy was already suspicious of this Darren. Upon the monkey's words, he took a closer look at the Darren before them and realized that the monkey was correct.


The ground beneath them trembled once more. Clouds in the sky turned blood red in an instant.

Those were definitely caused by Caroline and Darren.

"Oh, no. Darren and Caroline are going to kill the ancient senior holy warrior," the monkey murmured.

"They're planning to kill the ancient senior holy warrior? But Darren is no match for him!" After a pause, Barnes the Holy continued, "Even at my prime, it would be difficult for me to kill that guy. If Darren meets him, he would get himself killed." The monkey became anxious at that.

"Barnes the Holy, please let me save him and Caroline."

He couldn't possibly let Darren die like this. Over the years, their bond had become strong. The mutated monkey considered Darren now as his best friend after Darren showed him what friendship was.

On the other hand, the ancient senior holy warrior had eyes for Caroline's phoenix elixir. Even though she looked down on him, he still wanted to keep her safe.

This was how much her beauty had affected the monkey. It had seeped into his bones so deeply.

"If you were still as strong as when we fought in the past, you might have been able to save them. But now… To put it bluntly, you have grown weak. You won't be able to face the ancient holy warrior," Barnes the Holy said.

When the mutated monkey was first infused with the Inner Fiend's soul, he grew a thousand times stronger than he was now. This was the only reason Barnes the Holy lost to the Inner Fiend.

With his current state, the monkey knew that he wouldn't be able to help his friends. These thoughts made him feel depressed.

"Don't worry. Let me save Darren, okay?" Barnes the Holy offered. His voice was so sincere that it gave the monkey some hope.

In the Shura Abyss

Darren's dragon body was worn out as evidence by the bloody holes in his body.

Caroline's bright feathers, on the other hand, had also been greatly damaged. There were some areas where they were crushed and crumpled.

Across them, the ancient senior holy warrior was also not in good shape. His flesh was torn in several places, revealing patches of his white skeleton underneath.

"I have to admit, your combined powers have exceeded my expectations," he said.

His voice was dry and hoarse. It sounded unc

ss blows at the senior holy warrior until their opponent could no longer withstand them. The warrior had no time and energy to break another two chains.

"Here's my chance." The toad was smiling hideously.

He had finally seen an opening. "Go to hell!"

While Darren was too preoccupied launching his attacks at the senior holy warrior, the toad sneaked behind him and attacked. He attempted to stab through Darren's heart.

Darren was too focused on the senior holy warrior that he didn't see the toad's attack coming. He was completely vulnerable.


A sharp pain bloomed beneath his chest. As he looked down, he saw a huge gaping hole where his heart was supposed to be.

He turned around to face the toad.

While Darren tried to recover from his shock, the senior holy warrior seized the opportunity to attack him as well. Pushing back his other three opponents, he focused on Darren.

A blood red spear pierced through the air and aimed at Darren's heart.

After successfully landing his first surprise attack, the toad decided to stab at Darren's heart again.

Two powerful attacks were targeted at Darren's heart at the same time. Darren had no way to escape.

Sensing that something went wrong, Caroline watched in horror as Darren was pierced through the heart. "Toad! What are you doing? You despicable bastard!"

Her fury burned brightly, but there was nothing else she could do. The stone creature and the bull-like creature seemed unsurprised by the turn of events.

They were aware of the toad's plan for a long time now. All they could do was sigh. "Go to hell!"

The toad held his front paw up and touched Darren's bleeding heart. With just one blow, he could blast it to pieces.

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