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   Chapter 768 Ending

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Wisps of the rule silk threads were embedded deep into Darren's soul.

This kind of rule silk thread had already been comprehended by Darren's avatar, so it was unnecessary for him to try and comprehend it again.

Apparently, these rule silk threads were the rules originating from the Dark Force and Primitive Fighting Force that the avatar comprehended in the simulated battle from moments ago.

Darren tried to trigger the black symbol and the reddish war spear inside his elixir field. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth poured into his body and quickly transformed into two kinds of different power.

"It is now several times faster than before!"

With his current speed, Darren estimated that he could use the Shura Force once in ten days.

If he could speed up any further, he'd be able to use the Shura Force at his own will!

It was as powerful as the power of the Conflicting Cultivation. If he could use it freely, it would be hard to imagine how terrifying of a sight would it be.

The two holy emperors were still fighting as the Rule Soul Avatar stayed by the Dark Emperor's side for a while, pretending to withstand the attack of the powerful emperor with a long spear. And after a while the avatar took the powerful emperor's side and attacked the Dark Emperor instead. The avatar comprehended and deduced every move of the two holy emperors perfectly.

Witnessing this, Darren stood in shock because of his avatar.

The Rule Soul Avatar was so powerful that he could even imitate the battle between the holy emperors.

His silvery glittering eyes constantly radiated similar silvery light, examining everything to capture the two kinds of rule silk threads that Darren needed among the hundreds of millions of rule silk threads floating in the space between them.

The void continued to produce cracks and the avatar was smashed to pieces again and again.

After one month, Darren was surprised to find that the avatar could almost withstand the holy emperors' attack more than one round in the simulated battle. More often than not, he could even fight with them up to three or four rounds!

For a long time, Darren was far too stunned to calm himself down after watching such a scene unfold.

Apparently, his Rule Soul Avatar was now capable of competing against the holy emperors.

Massive rule forces condensed into numerous thunderbolts, aiming solely towards the Dark Emperor.

The eighteen runic towers released a ferocious aura as if they were coming from some parts of the Darkest Hell.


The void collapsed, the cracks getting bigger and wider as it swept everything away.

With two forces colliding, the avatar's thunder was wea


The Primitive Emperor grinned wickedly; his whole body turned blood-red, giving out a strong fit of the Shura Force.

"Primitive Emperor! You crazy man, you're courting for death!"

"It is indeed a matter of life and death. What do you mean?"

Blood light poured like a torrent of water.

"Well, well!" As the Dark Emperor howled, a large shadow floating behind him.

The shadow was dark green all over, exuding a strong aura of life.

Seeing this, a hint of despair flashed through the Primitive Emperor's eyes. But at this critical moment, he had no choice but to carry his long spears and sprint along the blood light.


The nine runic towers transformed into a shadow like a Demon God, rushing themselves into the blood light together with the Dark Emperor.

The sky above was splendid and several stars on another sky even fell down. Darren couldn't even look at them, terrified as if he would be destroyed with merely one sight.

Before Darren could watch the last scene unfold, all the things had disappeared all of a sudden.

The void restored to its original calm state without any cracks.

After all, it was nothing more than an illusion.

"What have you gotten?"

Hearing the old and dry voice, Darren opened his eyes. It was not until then that he realized that he was in a grass field in front of a thatched cottage and rather than in a void witnessing a battle between two powerful emperors.

"Sir." Darren looked at the figure covered in the mist and nodded slowly.

"Good. Do you recognize who I am?"

Darren wanted to say no, but on second thought, after checking the old man's aura, he understood immediately.

"You're...Primitive Emperor..."

As the mist around the old man dispersed in that very moment, Darren saw an old face.

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