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   Chapter 767 The Powerful Avatar

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The space cracked, and it was clear without question that the face showed up in the crack belonged to Darren's rule soul avatar.

Darren couldn't fathom how powerful the avatar was then. He just felt that the silver light in the avatar's eyes was even brighter and more obvious.

"Oh my real body, follow me!"

Before Darren could speak up and ask him why he had suddenly appeared here, a stream of space power wrapped around him and the two of them disappeared into thin air.

"Rule Soul Avatar, what brings you here?"

Darren remembered that the avatar had vowed he would dive deep into the rules and improve himself to be an immortal, but now he suddenly appeared once again without warning.

"There is an abundance of rule force lying around here. I must learn to comprehend it before I continue on with my journey,"

the avatar replied rather coldly with absolutely no emotion dripping from his tone, as if he was a mere metal creature.

"What level of strength do you currently own as of now?" Darren asked curiously.

"I cannot give a determined estimation. However, I'm sure I haven't reached the Emperor Realm yet." The avatar gave a brief reply, not wanting to add anything else in this meaningless conversation.

Within a few words, Darren and the avatar had already managed to rush out of the cracks and arrive in the void.

While the shadows of the two holy emperors were still fighting far from them, everything was as clear as day to him now.

Darren still owned a handful of doubts regarding the avatar's sudden appearance. But, it was a good time to keep tabs on the battle between the two holy emperors at the moment. He couldn't afford to get distracted and miss it.


The whole void started trembling as the two figures moved at the same time.

Majestic black runes surged in the void, as if their mere presence could and would annihilate everything that was in their way.

The bloody light from the spear seemed to pierce through the layers of space and spread out and through the area.

Darren couldn't stop himself from trembling as he faced this kind of aura and had nagging feeling that it was a must for him to kneel down as proof of inferiority towards the two.

It was not until a stream of cold and gentle power enveloped him did the fear inside him receded.

The avatar was protecting him with his power. Only there and then did Darren realize that the power of his rule soul avatar was beyond his imagination.


The deep growl echoed in the void, powerful enough for it to shake the space between. The breath of resentment typical of the Darkest Hell was truly a terrifying feeling.

nd growled, "Avatar, what are you doing?"

"To borrow some power of yours."

The two flowing forces were actually absorbed by the avatar

After giving out some of the two forces to the avatar with reluctance, Darren noticed a figure flying straight towards the center of the battlefield.

"What?" It was the avatar that had flown over! "Wasn't he just here a moment ago?"

The avatar flew over and stood beside the man holding the spear. As the palm of the Dark Emperor was about to approach, bolts of thunder exploded in the void.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The avatar waved his hand and led the thunder towards the Dark Emperor.


The nine rune towers surrounding the Dark Emperor flew out and fell onto the avatar.

The void was shattered into pieces, and the avatar was not saved from getting mashed. At the same time, the figure holding the spear was also suppressed, vivid cracks appearing on the armor draped on his body.

"Avatar, what are you doing?"

The avatar didn't respond and instead, transferred messages into Darren's soul.

After a moment, Darren understood everything.

What happened was completely simulated by the avatar with his Spirit Power. The actions, for example; he attacked the Dark Emperor, the Dark Emperor unleashed runes to suppress the avatar, the injuries he caused to the Dark Emperor, and the Dark Emperor smashed his body, were all designed by the avatar to create a virtual battle with the emperors.

To put it bluntly, the avatar was just acting in a play of fighting against the two emperors. However, such a scene felt so real in Darren's eyes.

The information the avatar sent to Darren just now not only explained everything, but also contained something that delighted Darren to his very core.

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