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   Chapter 764 A Great Harvest For Darren And Elsa

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'What kind of creatures are these?!' Darren thought to himself in alarm. 'And how do they possess the pure Primitive Fighting Force?!'

The question had only just gone through his mind when the black shadows leaped, hungry for a kill.

Darren was prepared, though, and had his sword intent at the ready.

The first ones to pounce were the first to be struck. Darren shattered them in the span of a single breath.

Their broken remains roiled and shuddered as an enormous amount of Primitive Fighting Force exuded from them.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Darren employed his assimilation skill.

The Primitive Fighting Force began to pour into his elixir field in a stream.

In a short moment, he had received almost as much of the Primitive Fighting Force as he could accumulate in an entire year.

An emphatic voice drew his attention. "Look out!"

That was Elsa, warning Nate as another group of the black creatures rushed toward him.

The very next second, Nate was furiously trying to fend them off. Though he tried his best, he was quickly accumulating wounds. With the combat power of a seven-star grand warrior, he was no match for these ferocious opponents.

Quickly enough, though, Elsa ran in to help him out, her sword intent surging and leaving a shower of blood in its wake.

Both warriors' attention was soon drawn by a blood-curdling roar.

Turning, they saw a figure the size of a young bull approaching.

Its body resembled that of a tiger, and it had a head like a dragon's. The huge wings protruding from its back were inky black, as was the rest of its body except for its two tusks, which shone with a cold light.

"What is that?" Darren wondered aloud. "It looks like a winged-tiger, but there's something different about it."

At any rate, this creature was obviously an oversized version of the others, and it was soon clear that they regarded it as some kind of leader.

Darren, Elsa, and Nate had only killed a handful of these beasts. The numerous ones that remained were rallying behind the big one, whose paws thudded heavily against the ground. Their running feet added an ominous rumble to that sound.

It was a terrifying sight, far more so than any collection of ordinary animals. Given the choice, Nate would have preferred to face a multitude of giant elephants.

"Elsa, Nate, wait here."

Saying this, Darren shot past them. He aimed straight for the oncoming black onslaught, ready to meet them with his blade and sword intents and his dark gold internal force.

This once-peaceful world had become a hellish battlefield.

The black beasts met Darren's charge with all their Primitive Fighting Force. It roared like a sea of anger.

As the energy reached him, though, Darren assimilated it into the cyan spear in his elixir field.

The mystical weapon glowed and its weight noticeably increased. No doubt its potency wa

an event, creatures over the world threw themselves to the ground, shivering, as if an ancient god had descended before them.

As the black beast finally closed in, Darren held out his palms and launched thousands of attacks at once.

The earth cracked and space shivered.

The two combatants were blasted apart.

Darren convulsed as he pulled himself to his feet. His internal organs hurt. "Looks like I'll have to use the Shura Force," he remarked.

Just then, he noticed Elsa standing beside him.

"Darren, let me do it," she said. A murderous determination was in her eyes.

"No, get out of the way, Elsa!" he retorted. "You're no match for this thing!"

"Don't worry," the woman explained. "I seem to have condensed the killing sword core."

Darren was dumbfounded.


The killing sword core was an extraordinary thing. Anyone who condensed it successfully had mastered the Killing Cultivation.

If Elsa had indeed accomplished this, then her future achievements would be absolutely extraordinary. Realizing this, Darren couldn't help but be happy for her.

"Okay," he said finally. "But watch yourself!"

A strange buzz filled the air.

Then several more joined it, forming a sequence of sorts.

It was almost musical, as if a sword could sing.

Meanwhile, the vitality around them began to drain away.

Then, suddenly, the sword wings on Elsa's back unfurled as each sword feather there gathered killing force, humming with power.

"There you go!" Darren complimented, his eyes lighting up.

The killing intent was almost tangible. It was not as terrifying as that of Mathew, but it was powerful indeed.

Besides that, Elsa's killing sword intent seemed to be superior to Darren's extreme sword intent. After all, it was one of the top three skills.

Finally she was ready.

The sword wings glittered as Elsa soared off into the distance, toward the giant black beast.

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