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   Chapter 763 A New World (Part Two)

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Writhing on the ground in pain, the little creature let out a hissing sound.

After suppressing its pain, it stared upward at Darren without blinking.

Darren's curiosity got the best of him, which was why he wasn't in a hurry to kill it just yet. Instead, he wanted to know where it had come from.

"Now, run for your life!" Darren ordered and kicked it away with one foot. Then, using his Air-integrated True Rule, he made himself invisible.

Though its legs were cut off, the wounds it had sustained weren't deadly enough to endanger its life. It lay still but on alert for a long time, holding its breath and pretending to be dead.

Time passed, and once everything quieted down until it could only hear the sound of its own breathing, the little creature rose warily. After scouring around with quick cautious eyes, it flew towards the deepest part of the cave.

Darren followed it, of course. He halted until they reached a green stone. The creature bore itself into it and disappeared from sight.

"Is there a passage here?"

Darren revealed himself and studied the green stone for a while.

To him, it looked like an ordinary stone only the color was different. Gingerly, not wanting to disturb whatever might be lurking inside, he reached out his hand and touched it softly.

The stone appeared cold and soft to the touch. As soon as his hand got in contact with it, a wave of ripples spread out like a water flow. Darren immediately realized that a strange and abstruse Spatial Rule was hidden behind the stone.

"Oh, I see." Darren smiled lightly then entered.

The second his feet touched the ground, he felt an ancient and desolate aura suddenly encircling him.

The sight before him slowly blurred and faded until he could no longer


As they flew along, the sun started to go down and was now lingering on the western horizon. All day, they'd seen many strange plants and creatures but still there was no trace of the little creature that Darren had come across in the mine.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just when Darren and Elsa wanted to stop and practice, streams of black shadows flashed about and encircled them.

These black shadows, as Darren had guessed correctly, were none other than the companions of the little creature that he had seen back in the mine.

"Wow, they seem very fierce!" Elsa pursed her lips.

"I don't want to smear this place with blood. If you don't want to die, just run for your life!" Darren roared, startling all the other beasts wandering about.

However, his threatening words did not scare those little creatures off.

Instead, they all snarled at Darren like infuriated rabid dogs. Their teeth were long and jagged and their eyes red and fierce.

"What the hell!"

Darren frowned. It wasn't until then that he'd realized the strong primitive aura that wafted around the creatures. It gave off the same feeling as the Primitive Fighting Force he knew.

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