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   Chapter 762 A New World (Part One)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5634

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"What happened?" Nate asked.

"There's an evil presence around us. You had better come and see for yourself!" the man cried, panting heavily.

"Let's go take a look," Darren answered.

Following the alien, Darren and the other two soon found themselves in front of a mountain.

They found piles of crushed stones at the foot of the mountain. A little further on, a mine passage was mounted on the hard wall of a bare slope.

There were many alien creatures there. Some looked to be badly injured and some looked dead. The ground soaked with their dark blood.

"Who the hell did this?" Nate roared then looked about with a raging fire in his eyes.

"My Lord, we don't know what happened inside. We followed your order to mine the Primitive Ore for Mr. Chu. However, soon after we entered the mine passage, we heard the screams of the group that had gone ahead of us. Just as we were wondering what to do next, a few bloody dead men were thrown out from the darkness. It was too dark inside for us to clearly see who had done all of this," the leader of the group said.

"I am sorry to have put you in danger. Now please, get some rest and leave this evil to me," Darren said and gently patted the man on the back. His heart sank. These people had been ordered by Nate to be in his service. So it was natural to feel guilty for what had happened to them because of him.

Noting his concern, the leader consoled him. "You saved us, so we all believe that we are obliged to help you if ever you need help. Mining for you is just one way for us to show you our gratitude. But right now, apparently there is something evil dwelling there and it's very angry about our mining,

h's narrow and limited space was filled with a revolting stench.


Darren moved in the speed of light and swiftly made his way towards the beast. His sword intent shone with a blazing bright light, and along with it, a gust of blood sprayed out and flecked the stone wall.

There was an animal's bellow and a hiss coming from the stone wall.

To Darren's surprise, black smoke rose from the stone wall where the blood had landed. Once it subsided, there was an obvious hole where the hard and tough stone wall had melted off.

"Wow, what a corrosive creature!" Darren cried out in wonder.

Then, without even turning around, Darren sensed that the animal was creeping right behind him. In a flash, he brandished his sword and tore off all four legs.

A dull thud sounded as the creature flung itself to the ground. Turning around, Darren saw a black beast with long teeth like jagged blades.

"It's incredible! How could such a small thing have eaten so many people?"

Indeed, to Darren, the creature looked almost as small as a rat. Only its fur was brighter and its eyes more dark and ferocious.

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